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Brill was one of the earliest Green Lanterns. A Grendan, like the modern day lantern Stel, Brill was venturing away from his hive to discover the origin of his species when a ring found him.

Brill of Grenda, was an member of the the immense artificial intelligence known as the Hive, an collective brain whose compuer insight permits them to know such a great amount of knowledge about the Universe. However, they lack information about themselves. So to discover their motivation and origins, Brill was picked among the one billion techno-natural siblings to be the first of their sort to leave the holiness of the Hive and was provided a vessel so as to travel into the Universe alone. At the point when the vessel was prepared, Brill separated himself from the collective consciousness and turned into the Insulatusnaut of the Hive. Secluded for the first time, Brill was soon chosen to become one the Original Seven Green Lanterns. Brill became Green Lantern 007 and its vessel was demolished by Volthoom which its presently situated in the Vault of Shadows.






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