Brimstone was a nuclear powered robot created by the nation Chong-Mai as a means of defending the nation from its enemies in a civil war.

However the military lost control over the titan and it went on a rampage. To prevent a panic, General Kwan tried to ensure the robot's creation internationally while he handled evacuations. Upon picking up its radiation trail from the Watchtower, the recently expanded Justice League sent Green Lantern, Supergirl, and Captain Atom to contain the energy. Green Arrow, not initially wanting to be a member went with them as they were his ride back to Earth. Instantly, they found the smoldering forest created by Brimstone. Eventually, the four found the machine later that night and did battle with it, only to end badly. Ultimately Brimstone is destroyed when Green Arrow shot a carbon rod attached arrow to an exhaust port near its neck.




  • Heat/Radiation cannons



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