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Brimstone was an artificially-created being generated from a "techno-seed" that Darkseid unleashed on Earth during Operation: Humiliation.

Darkseid launched Brimstone into an experimental fusion chamber in New York City at the start of Operation: Humiliation. It broke out and started terrorizing the city, claiming to be an "avenging angel" out to rid the world of "false gods" and "graven images" (i.e., superheroes). Professor Martin Stein, the first to see the formation of Brimstone, merged with Ronnie Raymond to become Firestorm in an attempt to deal with the monster, only to find that his nuclear energy blasts have no effect on it. Brimstone grabbed Firestorm and almost burned him to death, but Firestorm protected himself by turning the air around him into asbestos. Cosmic Boy confronted Brimstone and used the metal in wrecked cars to batter him, but the metal just evaporates upon contact. Soon with the Justice League on hand, Vibe knocks the monster down, but it only causes him to generate a flaming sword that he uses to rain debris from a falling building down upon the League, burying them.

Brimstone later shows up atop Mount Rushmore, ready to destroy the presidential head monuments when the newly-formed Suicide Squad under the command of Colonel Rick Flag arrives to confront him. Blockbuster used his strength powers to upturn the monster, and Captain Boomerang attempted to distract him with "baffle-rangs" while Enchantress tries to use her power to turn him into something less dangerous, to no effect. However, as Brimstone turns Blockbuster into a smoldering corpse, Deadshot uses the experimental laser rifle to penetrate into the monster's magnetic nexus, causing him to explode into a massive fireball that Enchantress changes into snow. As Brimstone explodes, he roars, "Father, why have you forsaken me?"[1]



  • Power Instability: Brimstone's form is contained by magnetic fields generated by a nexus that contains the superheated hydrogen plasma he is made of. The experimental laser rifle used by Deadshot is the only weapon that can penetrate the fields and destroy the nexus.



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