Timber Wolf is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Brin Londo's origins are unknown, though he has been an ally of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He prefers to be solo most often. He has earlier dated Light Lass, but is currently romantically involved with Princess Projectra.

At some point, Brainiac 5 made a favor to Brin, which led to Brainiac 5 sometimes demanding favors of Brin, such as going to Rimworld 19 to help Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl combat the Terror Firma. When the Terror Firma escaped, Brin followed them in secret, but was caught and tortured by Praetor Lemnos. Thanks to Princess Projectra's illusion-casting powers, Brin could escape unnoticed, and join the battle against Lemnos and his armies led by Terror Firma. Sun Boy resigned from the Legion at that point, and thus Brin was offered Sun Boy's membership and Flight Ring under the codename Timber Wolf.

In the aftermath of the Dominator War, Cosmic Boy went missing. Timber Wolf (together with Shadow Lass and Atom Girl) was sent on one of the search missions to find Cos. Their destination was the planet Lallor, where there was a civil war. The rebels had hired a metahuman assassin (E.R.G.-1) to kill the president of Lallor, but E.R.G.-1 was stopped, and even offered to rejoin the Legion (as he had been one of the first members). A blast from E.R.G.-1 had been absorbed by Brin, making him even more powerful and feral than before.





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