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Quote1.png You can take my army, you soft-bellied slug! But you will never have my allegiance! Quote2.png
The Brine King src

The Brine King was the sovereign ruler of the Kingdom of the Brine. He stood against Orm's claim as ruler of all kingdoms.[1]


  • Brine Physiology
    • Claws: As a Brine, the Brine King had a pair of chelae in place of hands. These pincers had no pain receptors and as such could be used in battle recklessly as bludgeoning weapons.[1]
    • Regeneration: The Brine King, due to his highborn status, was capable of re-growing limbs lost in battle.[1]


  • Leadership: The Brine King was the ruler of the Kingdom of the Brine, and his people were willing to follow him into battle.[1]

  • The Brine King was physically portrayed by Andrew Crawford, with his voice provided by John Rhys-Davies.