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Broadside is a N.E.M.O underboss, heading one of the assassinations divisions.

Being a wetwork specialist with expertise in uniquely tailored equipment he uses for dispatching Submariner's. Initially deployed to deal with one Joanna Stubbs due to her knowledge of The Nautical Enforcement of Macrocosmic Order's presence in the world from her Uncle serving as one of their agents in the Navy, having been tailing her for weeks on end.[1] Growing bored with his task of observing his intended quarry, he radios Black Jack with another fields report.

Asking if he could dispatch of her already, only for the latter to rebuke his request while stating N.E.M.O operation protocol under the new Fisher King's orders. Much to his disdain, the mood changes however when Joanna makes contact with Arthur's wife Mera. Near immediately going on the offensive by disengaging his cloaking tech with arm guns abalze.[1] When the situation resulted in his near capture however, Broadside switched tactics by releasing a Mini-Mine into the restaurant knowing full well Mera would react to prevent civilian casualties, escaping the meantime she loosened her hydrokinetic grip to deal with his warhead.



  • N.E.M.O Kill Trigger: Whenever one of N.E.M.O's agents goes under during an op. or is captured in enemy territory. An artificial aquatelepathic signal is broadcast over long distance which causes a coral like implant to branch out of their bodies, bursting their skulls in to bloody paste.


  • Cloaking Field: Broadside uses N.E.M.O. standard holo-disguise to mask his combat gear while out among the masses, giving his gear the appearance of regular civilian clothing.[1]


  • Arm & Shoulder Munitions: His main form of arsenal comes in the from of two high powered linear accelerators with cables seemingly hooked into his cannons from the shoulder pads, indicating a power source beneath their armor plating.
    • Forearm Cannons: Broadside's weaponry makes use of hyper velocity ballistics in the form of explosive uranium core's capable of ripping through even the dense hide of a Xebelian like Mera.[1]
      • Mini-mines: The armament also dispatches micro bombs that detonate with a powerful enough explosive charge that can decimate small building complexes.[1]