Bronson was a meteor freak captured by LuthorCorp.

During the 2005 meteor shower in Smallville, Kansas, Bronson was exposed to Kryptonite radiation and gained an ability to travel to other dimensions. Because of this, Bronson was taken to the 33.1 facility inside of LuthorCorp Plaza.

However, a year later, Bronson managed to escape and made his way to the Luthor Mansion, where he trapped Lex Luthor in another dimension. Bronson attempted to expose the 33.1 project, but the facility had been evacuated by Lionel Luthor. Enraged, Bronson attempted to kill Lex, but ended up getting killed himself, when Lex stabbed him.


  • Bronson was played by Elias Toufexis, who also played Emil LaSalle on Smallville.



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