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Brontes was a member of the second generation of Un-Men.

Unlike first generation Un-Men, Brontes was not created in a laboratory, but was born through natural means by the mating of two Un-Men. Procreation between Un-Men is extremely uncommon, and to date, there have only been thirteen recorded cases of second generation Un-Men surviving to adulthood. Brontes was part of a group of Un-Men living in Romania as slaves for the amusement of Romanian socialite Alexiev Gogol. Gogol forced his Un-Men to prostrate themselves for the amusement of his party guests in a macabre living museum in the ballroom of his castle. In 1994, Brontes met another second generation Un-Man named Damien Kane. Unlike his contemporaries, Kane still maintained a human appearance as a result of chemical treatments developed by Doctor David Manguy. Kane's body began to regress to an endormorphic state however, and with the benefit of superhuman strength and vitality, he was able to liberate Gogol's slaves. Brontes and the others believed that Kane was a child of prophecy, destined to unite all Un-Men to a common cause. Brontes and the others followed Damien to the United States and participated in a raid on an Un-Men laboratory in New Orleans, Louisiana. With the aid of Doctor Manguy, the plight of the second generation Un-Men gained massive media attention and the United States government was forced to give them sanctuary. A reservation was provided for the Un-Men on the grounds of an old atomic testing site. They were sealed off and essentially protected from humanity and were allowed to live out the rest of their days in peace.



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