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Brother Blood was seen to be obsessed with accessing The Red, the environmental force that connects all animal life via the Life Web.

He first planned to access this by trapping Beast Boy and obtaining his blood, only to be defeated by his allies in The Ravagers

Later, during the events of The Robin War, The Titans were captured by Professor Pyg. He proceeds to drain Beast Boy's blood, and infected a kidnapped woman with it, transforming her into a beast-like creature. Once the Titans broke free and defeated the monster, it was revealed that Pyg had escaped with several jars of Beast Boy's blood, and had sold them to Brother Blood.

Buddy Baker, the Animal Man, later began taking more animal rights-themed cases, as a way of coping with the death of his son, Clifford. During one of these cases, which involved several missing pets, zoo animals, and strays, he discovered a cult obsessed with becoming more animal then man, replacing several of their own body parts with that of stolen animals. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that these "Splinterfolk" are working under Brother Blood's command, and drain Buddy of his blood.

Once obtaining blood from Beast Boy and Animal Man, Blood opened a portal into The Red, and revealed he was in a traitorous partnership with one of a totem of the Red.

He was eventually stopped and banished from the Red with joint efforts by Maxine and Buddy Baker.


  • Blood Magic: Brother Blood can control blood in both natural and mystical ways. He can create nightmares, prophetic dreams, intense pain and sense blood.[1]
    • Mind Control: Brother Blood can control minds as long as the victim's blood has been shed. He keeps his Church of Blood under his control by flaying their skin so they bleed constantly.[1]
    • Energy Projection: Brother Blood can manipulate the blood of his enemies in a large number of ways. He can also control ambient blood from his Pool of Blood to choke his victims.[1]
    • Healing: Brother Blood often heals his victims in order to gain their trust in order to draw them near before he rips the blood from their bodies or reduces them to mindless drones.[1]
    • Teleportation: Brother Blood can rip open blood portals in order to drag people to and from. However, this is a difficult ability that he only uses as a last resort.[2]


  • Charisma: Brother Blood is a highly charismatic individual who dominates his Church of Blood as well as the three high priests that are directly under his control. He controls his church like a god and commands his drones to attack whomever he desires to power his abilities.[1]



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