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Brother Blood was the evil headmaster of the H.I.V.E. Academy, which trained its students to become supervillains, making him an enemy of the Teen Titans.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: After a failed attempt to use Cyborg's blueprints to create a device to cause a tidal wave he used it on himself and became a cyborg with enhance abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has Cyborg's enhanced strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: He has Cyborg's enhanced durability.
    • Bionic Augmentation: The cybernetics he supplanted himself greatly augmented psionic powers, boasting he could now control thousands of minds with it backing his mental abilities.
    • Teleportation: With his cybernetic attachments, Blood is able to teleport himself and anyone he chooses a small distance.
  • Psionic Manipulation: Brother Blood is a particularly powerful mentalist with a share-hold of psychic abilities. He's an able bodied telepath, telekinetic, illusionist and mind manipulator whose able to focus raw astral energy into physical form.
    • Telepathy
      • Mind Control: He is able to exert considerable mental control over those he gets close to, brainwashing entire crowds of his "students" with a gesture even before his cybernization.
      • Illusion Casting: His mental gifts enabled Blood to craft potent illusions which very few people can overcome. Once being able to trick Cyborg into believing he had a physical organic arm.
      • Psychic Link: Blood is able to mentally connect with the minds of those he's enthralled, able to speak within the psyche's of his controlled acolytes.
    • Telekinesis
      • Energy Projection: He can discharge bright red energy from his hands as concussive blasts, sometimes the force he emits is invisible to the naked eye.
        • Energy Enhanced Melee: Blood can augment his blows with energy of an unspecified nature which allows them shear through steel such as Cyborg's armor with ease.
      • Aviation/Water Walking: Brother Blood can levitate himself for a short time and use it to walk on water with ease.
      • Telekinetic Barrier's: Blood can generate powerful psychic energy shields capable of deflecting extremely high power sonic blasts both before and after his bionic surgery.


  • Computer Hacking: He connected into Cyborg's systems and stole and adapted his blueprints.
  • Photographic Memory: Blood boasts a perfect photographic memeroy which enables him to store and utilize vast amounts of information.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Most likely due to his seasoned training, he's had years to learn a various amount of information.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Part of his martial arts training, he's a master of unarmed combat.
  • Leadership: He's lead both his students and his own team of HIVE agents.
  • Martial Arts
  • Mechanical Aptitude: He stole and adapted Cyborg's blueprints to a building and later his own armor.
  • Pedagogy: He's a teacher, professor, and instructor at the HIVE Academy.


  • Power Limitation: Cyborg says that he himself cannot see ultra-violet rays with his robotic eye. Brother Blood, with Cyborg's blueprints, should not be able to see ultra-violet also.


  • Ion Amplifier (Formerly)


  • Plasma Gauntlets



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