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The Brotherhood of Dada was an absurdist team created by Mister Nobody who fought the Doom Patrol.


Eric Morden was a scientist who, years ago, wished to join the Brotherhood of Evil. But after an unfortunate incident in which Morden double-crossed the Brotherhood, he was forced to flee from their wrath. Morden settled in Paraguay where he fell in with Dr. Bruckner, a former Nazi war criminal, and agreed to become a guinea pig for one of Bruckner's experiments. This process horrifically transformed Morden into a "abstract man" called Mr. Nobody. As Mr. Nobody, he decided to form his own superteam with four outcasts he discovered in his travels across the world. He created a new Brotherhood, one not dedicated to evil, which Mr. Nobody considers an outmoded concept, but to celebrate the absurdity of life. He called this anarchistic group the Brotherhood of Dada.

Under Nobody's leadership the Brotherhood acquired a mystical painting that could absorb anything within in it and divide them into various artistic interpretations.[1] The Brotherhood managed to trap the whole of Paris within the painting but were foiled by the Doom Patrol, the first of several clashes between the Brotherhood of Dada and the Doom Patrol. The event was remembered in a funfair ride in Dannyland that documented the Doom Patrol's history.[2] Nobody and the Brotherhood would return with a new cast of members to help Mister Nobody's campaign run in an attempt to make him President, but the affair would be brought to an end by the Doom Patrol and government agents.

The Brotherhood of Dada (from left to right): Frenzy, The Quiz, Sleepwalk, The Fog, Mister Nobody, Agent !, Alias the Blur, Love Glove and the Toy

The Brotherhood of Dada would eventually disband following the death and retirement of most its members, but upon hearing that the Doom Patrol had reformed, Mr. Nobody decided to reboot his team as the 'Brotherhood of Nada' to occupy his old enemies.[3]


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