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Quote1.png This moment in history is ours to do in what we will. The hour upon us is dark. Our very way of life is under attack. Our dedication to evil, besieged. But we will not shy from adversity. Niles Caulder will be stopped! Quote2.png
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The Brotherhood of Evil was a criminal organization dedicated to world domination. Founded and led by the Brain, they were the sworn enemies of Niles Caulder and his Doom Patrol, and fought them on several occasions, despite usually being defeated.


First days

The Brain, a brain in a robotic body, along with his trusty gorilla assistant, Mallah, banded together and formed a criminal organization for world domination, which they called the Brotherhood of Evil to recruit powerful villains.[1]

In his search for members, Brain recruited Garguax, an alien conqueror, Heinrich Von Fuchs, a Nazi scientist, Eric Morden, a robot creator, and Laura De Mille, a shapeshifter. The Brotherhood regularly clashed with scientist Niles Caulder and the Doom Patrol, Caulder's team of superheroes.[2][3][4]

The Fall of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood expelled Morden from the organization for his ridiculous ideas and his idea of ​​using a giant robot, Rog. In 1948, Brain and Mallah sent Garguax and his assistant, Samuelson, to Codsville on a mission to kill Rita Farr, an old enemy of Laura's, who was then sent to 2021 with a time machine to ruin Caulder's legacy.[5][2][4]

Years later, the Brotherhood would have their final showdown against the Doom Patrol, in which the Brotherhood was destroyed, putting an end to the evil organization, however Brain and Mallah survived and escaped together to Boca Raton, Florida to live a life of peace in retirement.[6][7]

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