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Batman is a despotic tyrant known as The Bruce, ruling Gotham City as a man-god by maintaining control of the mob of unruly Gothamites.

His citizens are allowed to challenge him in combat during an annual event referred to only as a Hunt: remade so that his very skin resembled the batsuit of Bruce Wayne, who the Church of Batman insisted was a god, "The Bruce" would ride through the city, hunting down and murdering innocents who had their appearances altered to resemble Batman's greatest enemies, having been brainwashed into a semblance of their personalities so they would attempt to attack the innocent people of Gotham before "Batman" killed them. At the time of his final battle against the Joker, he was 92 years old and had been Batman since age 60, kept alive by the ingenious Doc Klibon. In his final attempt at The Hunt, Doc Klibon, who enjoyed doing things just to "tick (The Bruce) off", intentionally did a poor job wiping Joseph COllins' memories while he was being transformed into the Joker, so that after his initial activation, "the Joker" remembered who he was. Dressed up in one of Bruce Wayne's original Batsuits, Collins engaged The Bruce in battle, ultimately managing to defeat him before Collins' girlfriend, Marya, executed The Bruce with the weapon dropped by a suicidal Doc Klibon. This lead the cheering mob to transfer their loyalty to Collins, who had replaced The Bruce as "the Bat", the man-god of Gotham City.[1]



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