Captain Bruce Blackburn was a espionage agent working for United States military intelligence when his photograph and identity as a intelligence officer were leaked to the press. So Blackburn and his subordinate (and good friend) Lieutenant Jackson both faked their own deaths, and then has plastic surgery to change their faces so they would not be recognized, and also to change their faces to be identical to each other (so they can substitute for each other in cases, if necessary).

After the surgery, Blackburn devoted himself to counterespionage, the finding, unmasking, and capture (or killing) of enemy agents.

On occasion, when he needs extra anonymity for a case (or when he would like to scare his enemies), Blackburn will don the super-hero costume of the Destroying Demon.

  • The general public believes Bruce Blackburn is dead. While he still calls himself Bruce Blackburn when among his co-workers in military intelligence, he always uses a false identity when out in public. No one recognizes him as Bruce Blackburn because of the plastic surgery.



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