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Bruce Gordon is a scientist whose work lead him to be possessed by the evil demon of vengeance Eclipso.

Bruce Gordon was on Diablo Island in the South Pacific to photograph an eclipse. The natives, fearing that he would steal their "sun god" sent their witch doctor, Mophir to stop him. Armed with the tribe's sacred black stone, Mophir attacked and cut Bruce with the gem, but fell off a cliff. Bruce picked up the gem just in time for the eclipse to take place and became Eclipso.[1]


Bruce Gordon is Earth's leading scientist in the field of Solar Energy, coincidentally the one weakness of the God of Vengeance, Eclipso. As such, the evil Eclipso makes many efforts to distract Gordon and ruin his life by using him as his own physical host, keeping him as busy as possible. Bruce Gordon reluctantly acted as Eclipso's human body for many years, and has recently found himself able to control Eclipso's powers without the mental influence of Eclipso, as long as he keeps his temper in control.

On a certain day, Bruce was trying to get Eclipso under control with help from Mona and Simon Bennett, but during the process they were attacked by operatives of the CYCLOPS crime syndicate, who pulled Eclipso away from Bruce's body. When they learned that Eclipso had been creating chaos in Gotham City, Bruce, Mona and Simon travelled there and contacted Commissioner Gordon in order to help the Gotham City Police Department capture the villain. Working with the local vigilante, Batman, Bruce managed to defeat Eclipso, sending the villain back to his body. Before anybody could start asking too many questions, Bruce and his friends moved away from Gotham.[2]