Bruce Thomas (b. May 17, 1961) portrayed Batman in a series of television advertisements for the automotive assistance and security company OnStar.

He also portrayed Batman in Birds of Prey, voiced Atrocitus for the animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Desaad for the animated film Justice League: War, and Jim Gordon and Ubu for the animated film Son of Batman.

Pictured: Bruce as Batman on the Birds of Prey episode Pilot.

Work History

Acting Credits

Birds of Prey 2002-2003 Batman
     "Pilot" October 9, 2002 Batman
Green Lantern: Emerald KnightsJune 8, 2011 Atrocitus
Justice League: WarFebruary 4, 2014 Desaad
Son of BatmanMay 6, 2014 Jim Gordon
Beware the Batman 2013-2014 Doctor Anatol Mykros
     "Unique" September 28, 2014 Doctor Anatol Mykros
Justice League: Gods and MonstersJuly 14, 2015 General Zod
Batman: Bad BloodFebruary 2, 2016 Jim Gordon
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2017-2017 Robert Terrill
     "103" December 8, 2017 Robert Terrill
     "106" December 8, 2017 Robert Terrill
     "202" July 18, 2018 Robert Terrill
     "203" July 18, 2018 Robert Terrill
Batman: HushJuly 20, 2019 Jim Gordon

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