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Batman, Jr. is the son of Batman. Together with Superman, Jr., he forms the Super-Sons.


Bruce Wayne, Jr. was the son of Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane. Bruce Wayne Jr. was a nice kid, who befriended Superman, Jr. on his early childhood.[1] When they were young boys, they were blamed and punished for several mischievous acts that were apparently perpetrated by them. However, Kal Jr and Bruce Jr managed to reveal that the responsibles for the bad capers were in fact Mxyzptlk, Jr. and Bat-Mite, Jr. and their names were cleared.[2]


Despite knowing about his father's identity as Batman in his childhood, Bruce Jr. forgot about it in his teenage years and when he was reminded about it, he tried to follow his father's steps by capturing a crook while disguised as Batman. This was a mistake as he had not gathered evidence against the crook and after an argument with his father, Bruce Jr. left the house and joined his best friend, Clark Kent, Jr. Together, they started a superhero team known as "Super Sons" and their first mission, in which they stopped a crime lord in Sparta City, was successful.[3]

After this, the Super-Sons started traveling across the country, solving various crimes and mysteries such as hidden communities and ghost towns.[4][5]

When Bruce Wayne Sr. was apparently murdered, Wayne, Jr. had a confrontation with his father's former ward Dick Grayson for the right to become the next Batman. Eventually, the young heroes teamed up to find Wayne's killer and after a successful mission, they learned that Bruce had faked his death to capture a criminal and test them.[6]

The Super-Sons eventually learned that their whole existence was a lie and that they were merely a computer simulation from one of Superman's computers in the Fortress of Solitude. They managed to break out of the computer into the real world, but their presence became a threat to the world and they chose to be destroyed in order to save Earth.[7]




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