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"Gotham's Finest": Vicki Vale has been placed under protective custody of the Gotham City Police Department when her life is threatened by several criminals who want to get to her to learn what she had discovered about Batman.

Quote1.png Sometimes I wonder if there's any such thing as a good night in Gotham... but I'll take what I can get. Quote2.png
Commissioner Gordon

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2010. It was published on October 20, 2010.

Synopsis for "Gotham's Finest"

Vicki Vale has been placed under protective custody of the Gotham City Police Department when her life is threatened by several criminals who want to get to her to learn what she had discovered about Batman.

Insider finds Oracle's secret lair and gives her information about the criminals who are tracking Vale. One of this criminals is Penguin, who has been trying to locate the reporter by any means. When a couple of amateur criminals under the aliases of Charge and Round House, who have come from Calvin City try to join the Penguin's crew, he places then under probation and when his thugs finally learn that the police is keeping Vale at the Aames Hotel, Penguin sends the two of them on a mission to secure the target.

Minutes later, Commissioner Gordon arrives at the hotel under Vale's personal request and Penguin's thugs are already waiting on the outside, as they were instructed. However, they decide to impress Penguin by attacking the police, kill Gordon and take Vale to their boss.

When Gordon enters the secret room where they are holding Vicki, she starts asking Gordon impertinent questions about Batman and their relation, to the point of suggesting that the GCPD and Gordon are incompetent without the vigilante on their side. When Gordon starts explaining the grand scheme of Gotham City to Vale, the lights go out in the entire building and Gordon tries to organize his team to get Vale to a different place, but he is soon betrayed by one of his own the team, who is in fact an informant for Penguin. When they are all distracted by noises coming from the outside, Gordon takes the chance to disarm the traitor and during a struggle, the corrupt officer falls from a window to his death on the street. At that moment, Charger and Round House break into the safe room and kill three officers, leaving only Gordon, Vale and a wounded cop alive. In the struggle, Round House was injured by a bullet in his head, but due to his resilience, he manages to resist the impact. Gordon guides Vale and the wounded cop out of the room and he manages to kick Charger to the ground, which helps them get an advantage over the criminals.

At that moment, Oracle contacts Insider and informs him about the current situation at the Aames Hotel. Gordon takes Vale and the cop through the fire escape to the floor below and they start descending to the ground floor. However, the villains catch up with them on the staircase and Charger uses his electric pulse to electrify the metal railing. Insider arrives in time to prevent Gordon and the others be shocked by electricity and then he fights the villains. Insider takes down Round House by blinding him with some explosives and then he kicks Charger against a wall that causes his suit to overload and electrify himself. Once everyone is safe, Gordon apprehends the criminals and takes Vale to the street, where the GCPD is waiting for them. Vicki finally realizes that Gordon is an excellent police officer depite his age and that he doesn't know much about Batman's identity. Then, when she tries to get a name from Insider, he just leaves.

Moments later, Gordon gets to the GCPD Headquarters where he is informed that Vale had escaped from their custody and Gordon organizes a plan to find her. While this happens, Oracle contacts Insider and informs him that the reason why the criminal underground is after Vale is because some information was leaked through a company owned by Ra's al Ghul with help from Killa 'Nilla. When Gordon walks to the rooftop of the GCPD, he meets with Insider and tells him that everything so far has happened according to their plan. Insider promises Gordon that he would save Vale from any harm and Gordon, noticing something familiar about Insider, tells him to stick around and help, since Gotham is always in need of helping hands, especially experienced ones. When Insider leaves the roof, Gordon admits that there isn't a good night in Gotham, but that he takes what he can get.

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  • Penguin
  • Charger (Single appearance)
  • Round House (Single appearance)
  • Detective Korsch (Only appearance; dies)

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