"Inside Interference": Markovia has fallen into chaos after the rumours of a planned assasination of prince Brion spread across the land. However, this rumors are untrue and they were started by Bruce Wayne to test the [[Outsiders (New

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Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Outsiders #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2010. It was published on October 13, 2010.

Synopsis for "Inside Interference"

Markovia has fallen into chaos after the rumours of a planned assasination of prince Brion spread across the land. However, this rumors are untrue and they were started by Bruce Wayne to test the Outsiders after his long absence.

The people of Markovia have begun riots across the streets after the vicious rumors and the military forces of the country try to mantain order. Katana has started interrogating several thugs and low-lifes about the origin of the rumors, but none of they know anything. At that moment, Insider arrives at the country and keeps a close eye on the activities of the Outsiders.

However, one man on the streets realizes that the rumors might be only that and he decides to start acting according to the rumors and arms himself heavily in order to actually kill Brion.

After her daily patrol, Katana arrives at Castle Markov, where she notices that some of the guards are being beaten by someone unknown. Katana gets ready to fight but soon she realizes that the intruder is just Looker, who has arrived to visit them afer a long time. Katana tells the guards to stand down and to take the injured ones to the medical centre. As Katana and Looker walk in the castle, Halo, whose mind is still unstable, thinks that Looker is an enemy and attacks her until Katana tells her to stop and explains that Looker is a friend.

Meanwhile in Gotham City, Vicki Vale finally realizes that Alfred switched the real tracer with a toy and she is discouraged to reveal the truth about Batman. Vicki meets with Jack Ryder and asks his advise given her current situation. Jack simply tells her to don't give up on a good story, but to do it for the sake of learning the truth herself instead of sharing it with others.

Back in Markovia, Katana and Looker leave Halo at the medical ward of Castle Markov when suddenly the alarms go off in the place. Katana and Looker meet with Brion, a.k.a Geo-Force at the entrance of the castle and he tells them that he needs to go out to streets with his fellow Markovians. Katana and Looker decide to tag along since the possibility of someone killing Geo-Force in the riots is much higher. As they all leave, Halo also leaves the place and follows them.

The Outsiders arrive at the scene of the riots and do a great job of reducing levels of violence without harming innocent people, which makes Bruce quite satisfied with their performance. However, the man who actually planned to kill Geo-Force uses a rocket launcher aimed at Brion, but the missile starts going towards the crowd. Geo-Force jumps in front of the missile and takes the impact, saving hundreds of people but falling unconscious instantly. Bruce, on his Insider suit, takes down the assassin, but soon Halo finds him and attacks him, thinking that he is the man who tried to kill Geo-Force. Insider tries to escape from her attacks and when he finds an opening, he stuns the lady with an electric taser. Soon, Katana and Looker find him with the unconscious body of Halo and attack him as well. Looker uses her mind controlling powers, but Insider uses his suit to block their effects on him and hits her hard enough to keep her down. With only Katana left standing, Insider uses his suit's power to beat her in combat and soon he also needs to use the laser beam of his helmet to finally defeat Looker, who managed to recover from the hit.

Finally, Geo-Force awakens and seeks for his killer, finding the Insider and believing he is to blame. Insider has no option but to fight back, but his suit's power is almost depleted. Bruce knows that he best way to win a battle against Geo-Force is to make him angry and after many taunts, Geo-Force starts blasting all his energy against Insider, who in turn uses the energy to charge back his suit and once the whole energy is restored, he uses one last stunner blast to knock out Geo-Force and get away from the place.

A few minutes later, Katana recovers and finds the real killer, taking him to the authorities. Moments later at Castle Markov's medical ward, Brion is being healed for his battle wounds and the other members of the team go to their own rooms. However, when Katana enters her room, she realizes that the Insider is waiting inside for her and she immediately recognizes him as Bruce Wayne. They talk for a while, and Bruce admits that he is disappointed knowing that the Outsiders are working far away from the place where he left them and he decides that they cannot be part of the plan he has prepared for the future. Bruce leaves tha castle and tells Katana to take care of the others, since she is his most trusted member of the team.

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