"A Life Worth Living": Somewehere in Gotham City, Ra's al Ghul is preparing himself for the final showdown, but he is troubled because he can't remember the name of an old enemy.

Quote1.png One small little life, one secret, looming so large to the lives of the ants... but so insignificant to one who plans in decades. Quote2.png
Ra's al Ghul

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Ra's al Ghul #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2010. It was published on October 27, 2010.

Synopsis for "A Life Worth Living"

Somewehere in Gotham City, Ra's al Ghul is preparing himself for the final showdown, but he is troubled because he can't remember the name of an old enemy.

At that moment, Vicki Vale tries to get away from the White Ghost who wants to kill her. When the assassin is ready to deliver the final blow, Insider disarms and starts fighting him, leaving Vicki an opportunity to get away from the danger zone. However, as Vicki runs into a different alley, she comes across a couple of police officers and she runs towards them, thinking that she is finally safe, but then the policemen draw their guns and shoot at her.

Insider, who was fighting the White Ghost listens to the gunshots and starts following the source of the noise. Vicki was lucky that the officers's aim was terrible and she manages to run away from them until she enters a dead end. The policemen are closing in on her, but they are stopped by Insider, who binds them together using a rope and he learns that Ra's has set in motion a plan to kill Vicki in the entire city.

While Insider talked to the policemen, Vicki sneaked away from the place and runs to the street, where she calls for a taxi, hoping that the driver is not part of Ra's assassins. Knowing the current situation in the city, Ra's prepares to leave for his final destination while thinking of his great past adversary who he killed several years ago, but couldn't remember his name.

The taxi in which Vicki is traveling is attacked by a sanitation truck and forced to move to another lane, where a firefighting apparatus blocks the way. As the taxi crashes against the vehicle, Vicki leaves unscathed and runs to her apartment, which was only a few blocks away. In the meantime, Insider tries to figure out Ra's plan when he is again attacked by the White Ghost. This time, Insider learns that Ra's plans to eliminate Vicki with his own hands and Insider, using all the power left in his suit, leaves the fight with rocket propellers.

When Vicki arrives at her apartment, she is confronted by Ra's al Ghul, who is standing in front of her evidence wall. Ra's is prepared to kill her and he notices that Vicki is not afraid, but instead she seems to be thinking. Indeed, Vicki was thinking of a way to destroy the evidence wall before giving away her life. To gain time, Vicki asks Ra's why does he wants to stop her from revealing the truth considering that he is Batman's greatest foe. Ra's replies that she is not worthy of destroying Batman's legacy and Vicki's morale crumbles once again. Right then, Insider breaks into the place and Ra's feels pleased with his arrival. Taking off his helmet, Bruce reveals his identity to Vicki, who had already deduced Insider's identity. Bruce tells Ra's that he is going to take responsibility for Vale's actions and Ra's agrees to leave them.

Bruce and Vicki talk after a long time and they apologize for their respective attitude towards the other. Vicki decides to burn the evidence wall and before Bruce leaves, she asks him if Batman could use a reporter, to which Bruce replies that he will ask, knowing that he will agree for sure.

At his secret headquarters, Ra's finally remembers the name of his forgotten enemy: Marcel du Valliere. Thinking that maybe, Valliere is an ancestor to Vale, Ra's vows to never forget the names "Detective", "Batman" or "Bruce Wayne", when the time comes for Ra's to claim victory over him.

As his journey comes to an end, Bruce decides that it's time to set his plan in motion and spread the shadow of the bat across the world.

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