"The Insider": Red Robin has travelled to Amsterdam following the trail of a group of assassins known as the Council of Spiders. As soon as he locates them, he is forced to fight against their members: [[Funnel (New Earth)|Funn

Quote1 So you chose to ignore me upon your return...detective. But it is a gift to have you back, a rebirth of our mutual respect and enmity. Now that you know the euphoria of immortality... now, truly, completely, you will be a worthy match to... Ra's al Ghul! Quote2
-- Ra's al Ghul

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Red Robin has travelled to Amsterdam following the trail of a group of assassins known as the Council of Spiders. As soon as he locates them, he is forced to fight against their members: Funnel, Goliah and Wolf. Red Robin stands battle against them knowing that he counts with the Insider to appear at the right moment and deal with them. However, what Red Robin didn't expect was the arrival of Prudence to the fight. Knowing that their plan could fail due to her intrusion, the Insider jumps into the fight disarming Prudence and approaches the group of assassins to teleport them away from the scene. Left alone with Prudence, Red Robin takes her away from the street that was quickly filling with prying eyes to a place where they can talk without concern. Red Robin learns that Prudence followed the same trail of assassins that he did and she wanted to help stop them. However, as they talk, Prudence sends a text message to an unknown person without telling Robin.

At that moment in Gotham City, Vicki Vale goes to Wayne Manor and request to talk to Bruce. Alfred reminds her that she just talked to Bruce the night before, but when she tells him that she knows that man was an impostor, Alfred lets her into the house. Vicki tries to get Alfred to talk by revealing all the information she knows about Batman and the Waynes, even showing to him the tracer that Dick placed on her camera. Alfred explains to her that Bruce was believed to be dead, and the revelation causes her to spill the cup of tea that Alfred had reached her. Alfred approaced her and started cleaning up the spilled tea, but as he leaned over the sofa, he retrieved the tracer and put it away without Vicki realizing that she had just lost her only proof. Alfred then explains that Bruce is alive and well and that he should be back in Gotham very soon. Vicki threatens to use this information to reveal the truth, but Alfred tells her that he would simply deny it. Angry at the lack of results, Vivki leaves Wayne Manor with the intention of analize the tracer that she doesn't know isn't in her possession anymore. As she drives away from Wayne Manor, she realizes that in order to prove the truth, she would need to find someone who had discovered Batman's real identity before her.

In the meantime, the Insider is at the Council of Spider's base of Operations in Amsterdam and he is taken to meet their leader, Webmaster Silk. The Insider introduces himself to the woman as an ispiring assassin who wants to join the group and in order to test him, he must resist an spider bite in his arm. Bruce, having vaccinated against any spider venom, takes the test and becomes a member. However, his first mission is to kill Red Robin.

Insider vs Red Robin

Insider vs Red Robin
Red Robin was waiting outside Amsterdam's city hall, expecting an attack from the Council when he is attacked by the Insider and they start a staged fight to eliminate any suspicions. The battle intensifies and Tim understands that Bruce wants to test him, so he fights back with all his ability. While they are fighting, Prudence starts taking down the other members of the Council one by one. She uses a taser to stun Funnel and use some of her poisons to attack Goliath. Wolf is reached by one of Insider's attacks and when almost all of them are eliminated, Red Robin and Insider knock out Goliath.

Red Robin and Bruce watch as Prudence leaves and they head back to their hotel in Amsterdam. After a brief conversation, Bruce informs Tim that he is next going to contact the Outsiders, since the team was under his supervision before his departure and now the whole group is broken and scattered.

At the airport, Prudence talks to someone with her cellphone and informs about her recent encounter with Tim and his mysterious new partner. As she hangs the phone, the man on the line stabs a man with a sword, killing him and revealing his identity as Ra's al Ghul, who has deduced that Tim's new partner is in fact Bruce Wayne and is anxious to meet him again.



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