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Quote1.png If I am to control this Etrigan, I must experience the full horror of his evil! Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne is a wealthy prominent citizen in Gotham City.

He is bonded to the bat-demon Etrigan, an unspeakably evil creature who is restrained by his virtue. Etrigan rampages at night while Bruce is asleep, limiting his bloodlust to the guilty.

Over a thousand years ago, Gotham City was at war with their neighboring city Metropolis. Bruce Wayne was a member of the city council. The council asked Merlin to conjure a demon from Hell. This won them the war, but they were unable to send Etrigan back as he had been banned from Hell for being too evil. The only way to contain Etrigan was using a human cage, and Bruce Wayne volunteered. Merlin cast the spell, making Bruce immortal as long as he contained Etrigan. Bruce had to be kept unaware of Etrigan, or Etrigan would grow too strong and overpower his control.[1]

In the modern era, Bruce Wayne lives in Wayne Manor with Merlin who is disguised as Alfred Pennyworth. Merlin keeps him locked up at night by convincing him he has an allergy to moonlight. Bruce believes he has been having strange nightmares since his parents Martha and Thomas were murdered, although these are false memories implanted by Merlin. Bruce's fiancee Glenda Mark takes him to see the apothecary Poison Ivy in hopes that she will cure his allergy, so they can be married. This weakens Etrigan, and Etrigan kills Ivy. Etrigan's bloodlust leads him to fight Catwoman and Killer Croc, which attracts the attention of Commissioner Gordon. Bruce discovers Etrigan's existence and tries to control him, but he is unsuccessful. This allows Etrigan to kill indiscriminately and he murders Catwoman, Gordon, and Croc. Etrigan vows to kill Glenda, and Bruce is forced to have his memory wiped by Merlin in order to save her. Despite this, Glenda still dies, and Bruce is left with no memory of ever loving her. Etrigan remains imprisoned, but Bruce is condemned to solitude.[1]


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