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The Bat-Man was a vigilante in Gotham City during the industrial revolution.

Born into the wealthy and influential Wayne family, young Bruce grew up admiring the League of Science. As a boy, he met the Super-Man at a gala his father hosted in the League's honor. Not long after, on a trip to visit the heroes at their newly completed headquarters, a bomb planted by the domestic terrorist group, the Spartans, exploded. Bruce's parents died shielding their son from the falling rubble. Bruce blamed himself for the deaths of his parents and dedicated his life to stopping evils such as the men who killed them. For the next decade, Bruce trained his body and mind to the peak of human perfection and used his vast fortune to create an array of tools and equipment to carry out his war on crime. He donned a black and gray costume and became the urban myth spoken of as The Bat-Man.




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