Bruce Wayne is the "Paladin" in a fictional alternate timeline created by interference of Anansi. Though erased, he was later resurrected by Anansi.

On the fateful night, the movie the Wayne family had intended to see, "Zorro", was sold out, so they had seen a violent western. This had enthralled the young Bruce. When the mugging occurs, the killer gets a glimpse of Bruce's enraged face and is stunned. Bruce grabs the gun and kills the man with it. The boy then grew up to become Paladin, a gunman who uses deadly force against criminals, and is hounded by the authorities because of it.

In his world, Bruce never joined the Justice League but after Vixen stopped Bruce and James Gordon from killing each other, he agreed to listsn to her. After learning that the timeline had been altered, they travelled to the Fortress of Solitude along with the Green Lantern David Kim. There, he agreed to help Vixen in restoring the original timeline alongside his timeline's Justice League.

All of the heroes were however corrupted by Anansi and started attacking Vixen, who realized she could change the world. She had the Justice League of America from her timeline take them all down while restoring the reality after making a deal with Anasi.

Anansi later resurrects Paladin and brings him into the actual timeline, to have him assist Hardware and the Justice League against Starbreaker, though as a completely new creation with no memories the original one had. Zatanna mistakes him to be the Bruce of their timeline, supposed to have died while stopping Darkseid, and is heartbroken to learn the reality.

After finding the bodies of much of the Shadow Cabinet and Dharma. During their fight with the Starbreaker, he saves Dharma's body from being crushed and checks upon him. When Starbreaker shows up again and the League weakens him, Paladin is able to kill him with his rail gun-like revolvet using a Lutetium bullet.




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