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Quote1.png One fateful night, my parents gave their lives for me. They became my heroes. Their legacy untouchable. Until I learned the truth. My father, Thomas Wayne, was a criminal. He ruled over Gotham from the shadows. And everything I thought I knew about myself changed forever. The Children of Arkham exposed the truth about my father to Gotham. Their attacks turned friends into enemies, and threw the city into chaos. I was committed to Arkham Asylum, where I escaped with the help of a mental patient named John Doe. After a bloody battle, I put an end to it all in the catacombs beneath the city. The Penguin, Two-Face and Lady Arkham were the first real challenge I faced as the Batman. But they would not be the last. Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne is Batman, the protector of Gotham City. His city is plagued by the terrorist organization the Children of Arkham.


Bruce Wayne is the son of wealthy doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha. He was a friend of Oswald Cobblepot until the latter's family fell into tragedy and leading to Oswald moving to the United Kingdom in which they never seen each other for the next twenty years.

At the age of nine, Bruce and his parents went to see a movie. After the movie, they were held at gunpoint by a mugger named Joe Chill, who then proceed to kill both Thomas and Martha. Bruce was left to be raise by his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. The deaths of his parents drove Bruce to becoming committed to ridding crime and corruption that plagued Gotham City. Within twenty years, Bruce becomes a vigilante known as the Batman.

Bruce became friends with District Attorney Harvey Dent, and a ally of GCPD policeman James Gordon. Bruce's crusade on crime is supported by Alfred and inventor Lucius Fox.

The Children of Arkham

Bruce became a sponsor for Harvey Dent's mayoral candidacy against Hamilton Hill. He is also introduced to Harvey's girlfriend Selina Kyle, who Bruce immediately recognized her as Catwoman.

Bruce was later reunited with Oswald Cobblepot, who tells him about the "revolution" that he is starting in Gotham and asking Bruce to be on the right side when it starts. Troubles soon arose for Bruce in which damning evidences emerges that his parents were affiliated with crimeboss Carmine Falcone, who earlier tried to forge a partnership with Bruce.

As GCPD Lieutenant James Gordon leads an investigation on the Waynes about any possible connection to Falcone, Bruce, as Batman, investigates Falcone, discovering a bloodbath at one of his chemical plants. Discovering a device left by Catwoman, Bruce was able to decrypt it and discover evidence needed to take down Falcone. Bruce confronted Falcone as Batman, who is captured and reveals a massive bombshell: the Waynes are the biggest mobsters in Gotham City.

Bruce later returned to Crime Alley, where Alfred reveals to him that Falcone was right about the Waynes being corrupt people. Alfred was planning on leaving, but their deaths forced him to stay behind and take care of Bruce, hoping to atone for their sins. With this information, Bruce is forced to revisit the night his parents were murdered and realizes his idealized memory of them blocked out important things - that Joe Chill wasn't a random criminal who attempted to mug his parents, but was sent to assassinate the entire Wayne family, but failed when the police showed up. Even more, his father's last words made him realize that Falcone set this up. Confronting Falcone in a hospital due to his being roughed up by Batman, Falcone attempts to appeal to Bruce, claiming he genuinely liked the Waynes and even considered Bruce family. He denied putting the hit on the Waynes, but before he could reveal who, Renee Montoya suddenly murdered him. After stopping her from attempting to shoot Gordon, Bruce accompanies Gordon and Dent as they tried to figure out what happened to Montoya. Discovering evidence of her being drugged and learning from Montoya that it was Cobblepot who drugged her, Bruce sent the samples to the Batcave while he alerted Gordon of what he found.

Bruce later confronted Cobblepot as Batman and hearing from him that he intended to kill Falcone and also admitting on planning to attack Mayor Hill. Furthermore, Cobblepot plans to kill Catwoman, who has been working for Cobblepott, as a liability. After engaging in a scuffle with Cobblepot's right-hand underling Blockbuster, Batman escaped and attempt to warn Selina.

Bruce arranged a meeting with Catwoman and managed to help her fend off Cobblepot's thugs. Soon afterwards, Bruce and Alfred decrypt the phone of one of the thugs and uncover a voicemail between Mayor Hill and Cobblepot. Bruce confronted Hill and learning from him that he had hired Cobblepot to leak information about the Waynes in order to discredit Dent's campaign. Hill's actions became his own undoing when Cobblepot, under the guise of The Penguin, led a group of armed men in taking Hill and Harvey Dent hostage during a public debate. Cobblepot then proclaimed that he is part of a terrorist organization called the Children of Arkham led by a masked figure known as Lady Arkham that is dedicated to exposing and eradicating the corruption in Gotham City. Batman joined in a reluctant alliance with Catwoman to rescue the hostages and battling the Children of Arkham. Hill was killed by The Penguin but not before confessing in front of Batman that he was responsible for the deaths of the Waynes. The Penguin and some of the Children of Arkham escaped during the chaos, and the aftermath left by Lady Arkham publicly release a full list of the innocent people who were forcibly committed to Arkham Asylum by Thomas Wayne; further damaging the Wayne family's reputation.

The week following the attack on the debate, Harvey Dent became mayor of Gotham by default and the Children of Arkham posing a significant threat to the city, which Batman shockingly discovered that the Children were secretly monitoring the GCPD's communications by using Wayne Enterprise's technology. The fallout of the Waynes' sordid history caused the board of directors of Wayne Enterprise voted to remove Bruce from CEO of Wayne Enterprises and be replaced by Oswald Cobblepot. Bruce later announced his resignation at a press conference. During this, Bruce is drugged by Vicki Vale, who revealed herself to be Lady Arkham. Under the drug's influence, Vale goaded Bruce into attacking Cobblepot and leading him into being committed into Arkham Asylum.

At Arkham Asylum, Bruce found himself allied with a mysterious inmate named "John Doe," who revealed Vale as a member of the Arkham family, whose parents were murdered by Thomas to keep his actions hidden. John Doe "helped" Bruce to bail out from the asylum by staging a fight. With his new knowledge about Vicki Vale, Bruce as Batman investigated Vale's background and later discovered that she had murdered her adoptive parents in order to use her father's company to store her cache of drugs she plans on releasing on the city. After relaying this information to the GCPD, Batman later contend with the threats of Cobblepott and Harvey Dent (who have succumbed into the very aggressive "Two-Face" persona and ruling the city under martial law), and subsequently subduing them. After dealing with the villains, Bruce founds out that Alfred had been kidnapped by the Children of Arkham and that they planned on releasing the inmates from Arkham Asylum. Batman arrived at the asylum and fought through the freed inmates before pursuing Lady Arkham to the catacombs beneath the asylum. There, Batman fought and defeated Lady Arkham, and rescued Alfred. The battle caused the catacombs to collapse and burying Vale.

The Enemy Within

One year after the demise of Lady Arkham, Bruce slowly regained his reputation while working with the GCPD as Batman. Crime in Gotham had been decreasing under Batman's actions and Commissioner Gordon's leadership.

While on an undercover mission as Bruce Wayne, he targeted arms dealer Rumi Mori at a casino. However, he witnessed the return of The Riddler, one of Gotham's first super-criminals, who attacked the Mori and holding the casino hostage. Bruce escapes and returns as Batman to go toe-to-toe with the Riddler. After stopping the attack, the Riddler escapes and leaves Batman a device with a riddle to solve in a record player form while permitting a small radio wave noise. The Riddler's return coincide with the Agency led by Amanda Waller taking over the GCPD's investigation into the Riddler, and offering to assist Batman.

Bruce later takes Riddler's puzzle to his ally Lucius Fox at Wayne Tower to have him run diagnostics on the device, where they are interrupted by Tiffany Fox, Lucius's daughter. Then interrupted again by the Agency, Lucius heads down to the lab while Bruce talks to special agent Iman Avesta. Before the interrogation ends, an alarm goes off causing evacuation of the building. Before Bruce could leave his office, Lucius video calls Bruce and telling him that he figured the Riddler's puzzle but it was to late to stop it, letting Bruce know how much of an honor it was to work with him as Batman. When suddenly, a missile hits Lucius office, killing him instantly.




  • Bruce mentions that he was nine years old when his parents were killed, making him approximately twenty-nine years old during the events of the first game, which is set twenty years after their murders.
    • This would make him thirty years old during The Enemy Within.
    • However, in Batman: Sins of the Father #3, Bruce states that he was ten when his parents were killed.
  • If Batman reveals his identity to Lady Arkham to protect Alfred then he will lose a small piece of his right ear during the resulting fight.


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