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Quote1.png My parents were murdered by a lunatic when I was a child. I vowed then to dedicate my life to the prevention of such needless tragedies -- by curing the madmen responsible. Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne is Batman, a psychiatrist who aims to cure the city's criminals from within the walls of Arkham Asylum.

As a child, Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered by an insane seaman when they went to the circus. When he grew up, Bruce dedicated his life to prevent further tragedies by becoming a psychologist and used his family fortune to buy Arkham Asylum and become its new head doctor. He would also don the guise of Batman to take down Gotham's insane criminals and have them turned in to the asylum where he can treat them.

Bruce proved to be successful in treating the asylum's inmates by being compassionate, but Jonathan Crane disagreed with his intentions and believed that the mentally ill should be kept in line using fear.

He went after The Joker only to be affected by the criminal's laughing gas, which drove him mad. Being driven insane, Wayne became an inmate of his own asylum, with Jonathan Crane taking over in his stead.

Killer Croc paid Bruce's cell a visit and told him that he had to snap out of his insanity. Once Bruce recovered, he successfully took down the Joker and had him turned in to the asylum.

In addition to reclaiming control of Arkham, Bruce also kicked out Jonathan Crane for being abusive to the inmates and vowed to cure the Joker of his insanity even if it took the rest of his life.