After Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by a mugger he devoted himself to fighting crime. To this end, he used his vast family fortune to travel the world and received the finest training from multiple sources. After returning to Gotham City, he fashioned himself as Batman. In this guise, he fought crime and injustice for many years. Along the way he fought a colorful group of rogues and also trained a number of parters to assist him in his crusade against evil. Years ago, he managed to reform one of his adversaries, the self-proclaimed queen of the criminal underworld Selina Kyle - the Catwoman. The two began a passionate love affair and as a result produced a daughter named Helena. Bruce and Selina's daughter Helena was born half human and half metahuman, gifted with cat-like grace, agility and reflexes. Apprently, Bruce never knew his daughter as Helena didn't know his identity until she was a young adult. When Helena was a teenager, the metahuman super-villain Clayface (assuming the form of the Joker) murdered her mother. Bruce was so traumatized by Selina's death that he retired his identity as Batman. Bruce went away from New Gotham to an undisclosed location. While he had retired from crimefighting, he still provided the nessecary resources to Barbara so she could continue the fight. Presumably, he shifted his focus to running Wayne Enterprises and continuing charitable work as Alfred later comments that the Wayne fortune is worth billions. It can be reasonably assumed that the Wayne fortune has grown in size over the years. He left his loyal butler Alfred in charge of watching over Helena as well as maintaining Wayne Manor. Bruce's former protégé Barbara Gordon likewise kept vigil over Helena as well as continuing to fight crime in his stead as Oracle. Barbara trained her until she was ready to work alongside her under the guise of the Huntress. While they never met, Bruce always kept in contact with Alfred concerning his daughter's activities. In their last known conversation with each other Alfred assured his former employer that Helena was doing "just fine".


  • Bruce Wayne never made an actual appearances throughout the course of the television series. Reference is made to him in the opening credits of the series, and he appeared behind-the-scenes in a telephone conversation with Alfred in the final scene from the last episode, "Devil's Eyes".
  • His costume appears to be visually based on the one worn by Tim Burton's Batman.



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