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Bruce Wayne was inspired by the an Egyptian bat-god to become Batman.

Born to the wealthy Wayne archaeologist family, Bruce Wayne grew very interested in Egyptian culture and mythology. One day, he overheard a conversation between his parents; they were talking about having made the biggest discovery yet in Egyptian archaeology since the discovery of Tut's tomb: the existence of an Egyptian bat-god named Nekhrun that had been covered up for centuries. They decided they would fly to El Cairo the following day, but since they promised Bruce they would go to the movies with him earlier that day, they decided they would do that first. After the movie, they were heading back home, but a hitman hired to silence their discovery intercepted them and said something that caught the attention of Thomas: "Defiling tombs". When he turned his back, he proceeded to kill him and Martha, leaving young Bruce orphaned. With Nekhrun's ancient cartouche serving as an inspiration, Bruce Wayne became the Batman.



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