Quote1.png I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I? Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne src

Bruce Wayne became the vigilante Batman to avenge the death of his parents to the corruption and crime. Soon, more colorful villains started taking the place of the mobs.


Early Life

Parents Murdered

Martha, Bruce and Thomas.

Many years prior to the events of the first movie Bruce urged his parents to take him to the theater, and his father Thomas Wayne gave in. The family went to the Monarch Theater after the show and happily walked down the sidewalk and into an alleyway. In the alley the Wayne's are confronted by two thugs. One of them goes up to them and tears Martha's pearl necklace off of her neck and Thomas struggles with that thug. The second thug pulls out a gun and shoots down Thomas. Martha screams, and she is then shot down by the same thug.

Bruce witnesses his parents' death.

The thug that Thomas had struggled with begins to run away as the thug with the gun approaches Bruce saying, "Tell me kid, have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?" The thug with the gun comes out of the shadows wearing a wide, demented grin. The first thug shouts, "Come on, we have to go Jack!" Jack remarks, "See you around kid," and begins to walk away leaving Bruce alone in the alley.

The Wake

Shortly after the murder Bruce attended his parents' wake. He saw the coffins of his two parents.

Figure in the Darkness

Bruce in front of a bat.

The priest's words provided him no comfort. Thomas would write in a diary every day, it was a red book. Bruce took it and ran out into a powerful storm. He fell in to a centuries old cave. When he got up he looked forward and saw a figure approaching him in the darkness. It was a giant bat. Bruce was at first scared but then decided to take that image and put fear into the hears of criminals.

Becoming the Bat

Bruce trained for many years and in many fields. He eventually became Batman to protect the citizens of his home Gotham City.


The Batman

It has been many years since Bruce's parents were murdered. In an alleyway a family is lost in Gotham City and walks into an alley guided by the father who says, "I know where we are." In the alley They are asked by one thug to give him a dollar, to which they walk right past with the father speeding them up. When they are about to turn around a corner the father is knocked out cold by a second thug with a gun. He tells the wife not to scream as the first thug searches the father's body and steals his wallet. The two thugs then runaway, and the wife screams about what happened. Unknown to the thugs Batman was watching from a building above them, and goes to confront them.

Batman stops a mugging.

The two thugs sit on a rooftop going through the father's wallet when the first thug starts mention he is scared of being up high and begins to talk about a different man named Johnny Gobbs who was said to have been killed by the mysterious Batman, and said to have been found with no blood left in his body. The second thug dismisses it saying that there is no "Bat" as Batman begins to get behind them. The two thugs turn around and see Batman. As he approaches them the second thug shoots him down with a handgun.

Batman tells Nick to spread the word that Batman is real.

The two begin to runaway but realize that Batman is getting up. Batman kicks the first thug down through a board. The second one tries to run but Batman ties his legs with a batarang and pulls him towards him. Batman then picks him up and brings him to the side of the rooftop. The thug pleads with Batman not to kill him. Batman tells him that he will not and that he wants him to, "Tell all your friends about me." When the thug asks who he is Batman says, "I'm Batman," and throws the thug down and jumps off of the rooftop. When the thug looks over the edge of the roof Batman is gone and the thug begins to laugh out of disbelief.

Vicki Vale

Bruce at the party in Wayne Manor.

A charity part is held at Wayne Manor by Bruce. Some of the guests includes Commissioner Jim Gordon, the new district attorney Harvey Dent, Mayor Borg, reporter Alexander Knox, and the photographer Vicki Vale.

Bruce is at a table with other men when Vicki approaches him asking, "Do you know which of these guys is Bruce Wayne?" Bruce jokes by saying, "Well I'm not sure." Vicki took the answer seriously and left with Knox to search for Bruce throughout the mansion.

Bruce follows Knox and Vicki into an armory hall and hears their remarks about the armor and him. When Alexander and Vicki wonder about where a set of samurai armor came from Bruce tells them it is Japanese. When asked how he knew it he says, "Because I bought it from Japan." When Knox asks who he is Bruce reveals himself to be Bruce Wayne to which Vicki jokes, "Are you sure." "Yeah this time," Bruce remarks. The trio begins to talk about Batman and Know jokes about Bruce giving him a grant. While talking Alfred comes in telling Bruce that Commissioner Gordon was compelled to leave very unexpectedly. Bruce then says goodbye to Knox and Vicki and gives Alfred some orders including giving Knox a grant.

Security Footage

Bruce goes into the Batcave and looks into the security tapes and sees Gordon talking to a fellow cop revealing that they were given a tip stating that Jack Napier is clearing out Axis Chemicals. Gordon says that if they get Jack Napier they can get boss Carl Grissom. When Gordon asks who is in charge the cop reveals that it is Lieutenant Ekchart.

Face-Off at Axis Chemicals

Upon arriving at Axis Chemicals Jack Napier finds out that the files are already gone and tells his men to be cautious.

As they walk out a group of corrupt cops led by Ekchart shoot at them.

After Gordon arrives Batman arrives and fights Napier's men and eventually grabs Napier. Jack's right hand man Bob threatens Gordon, telling Batman to let Jack go. Batman does and Jack jokes saying, "Nice outfit," and picks up his gun. Napier turns to try and shoot Batman but he is gone. Napier then looks down to see Eckhart and shoots him for vengeance shouting, "Eckhart, think about the future!" Bob tries to get him to leave but Jack tries to shoot at Batman. He fires a shot at him but it ricochets off of Batman's gauntlet, into a wall, and into Jack's face making him fall of the catwalk. Batman goes to save him, and grabs his hand, but Jack slips from Batman's grip and falls into a vat of chemicals. Gordon then tells his men to grab Batman, but Batman throws down a smoke pellet, and uses his grapple to escape through the ceiling.

Date with Wayne

Vicki has dinner with Bruce in a very large dining room. After a while of trying to manage the date they decide to eat in the kitchen with Alfred.

Alfred begins to tell stories about Bruce Wayne's childhood including a time he fell off of a horse. Alfred eventually leaves saying that he will take care of the dishes in the morning. Vicki says that Alfred is a nice man, and Bruce reveals that Alfred is the only family he has.

The two then head upstairs and sleep together in Wayne's room.

Going Out of Town

The next morning Vicki asks Bruce if they could have lunch at her place so she could show him some photos, but Bruce says he cannot because he will have to be out for a couple of days. Vicki tells him that they will get together when he gets home.

While walking down a flight of stairs, Vicki learns from Alfred that Bruce is not leaving town. Vicki decides to follow Bruce.


Vicki follows Bruce onto a street where he places Roses on the ground. Vicki approaches the roses and then continues to follow Bruce.

Bruce is in front of city hall when a mobster that worked for Boss Carl Grissom walks out and is asked questions by Knox. The newly created Joker suddenly appears and reveals that he knew Grissom. He then kills the mobster by throwing a pen into his neck, and then proclaimed to the audience, "The pen is truly mightier than the sword," and then walks away as his men dressed as mimes shoot down the other criminals. Bruce's jacket gets shot as Bruce approaches Joker's limousine. He sees Joker's face and Joker waves to him while his limo begins to drive away. Bruce realizes that Jack Napier is still alive as the Joker. Bruce then turns and sees Vicki Vale, and then heads back to Wayne Manor.

Jack Napier is Still Alive

Bruce returns home and takes a cup of water from Alfred and drinks it, and takes off is Jacket. Alfred looks at and finds the bullet hole in Bruce's coat. Alfred then tells Bruce that Vicki had called and sounded very concerned. Alfred also mentions that he thinks a certain weight lifts when Vicki is with them. Bruce jokes that why does not Alfred marry her, to which Alfred replies that that was not exactly the arrangement he had in mind. Bruce then says that he cannot talk about right now and then tells Alfred that Jack Napier is still alive and has taken over Grissom's organization. He then tells Alfred to get him all the information the police have on Napier.


While watching the new about two models dying at a beauty salon, and then three new deaths, the female anchor begins to laugh hysterically and fall to the ground dead with a great big smile on her face. Suddenly Joker appears on the screen making a fake commercial for his poison Smylex that he has put into an unknown item, saying that people probably have bought it already. Alfred then brings Bruce the information on Napier he had asked for and then turns off the screen. Bruce reads it and finds out that he had excelled in chemistry. Bruce then tells Alfred that they are going to go shopping.

Phone Call

At Wayne Manor Alfred hears a message from Vicki about how she will be ten minutes late getting to the museum. Alfred tells this to Bruce who suddenly realizes that he is not seeing Vicki that day.

The Flugelheim Museum

Vicki waits for a long time at the Flugelheim Museum, and was confronted by the Joker. Joker tried to seduce Vicki into joining him, but she tried to escape. Joker then shot acid at her from his flower, and she retaliates by throwing a pitcher of water in his face. Joker covers his face and begins screaming, "I'm melting!" When Vicki approaches him he turns around saying, "Boo," and then laughs when Baman suddenly bursts through the ceiling window. He grabs Vicki, pulls out a grapple, and gets Vicki out of the museum, and throws a smoke bomb into the museum to hold off the Joker's men.

Chase Through the Streets of Gotham

Bruce and Vicki get into the Batmobile and then drive away. Shortly afterwards Joker's men drive after them in their cars. There is a long chase through Gotham, and Batman eventually takes a sharp turn with a grapple, and Joker's men crash into a truck, and heavy metal pipes fall on top of their cars.

Alley Showdown

Bruce and Vicki get out of the Batmobile when a construction machine gets in the way, and they then run into an alleyway. While running Batman initiates the Batmobile's shields to keep it safe.

In the alley Bruce fires a grapple and gives the handle to Vicki. It propels her up onto a catwalk, and she than walks onto a rooftop and looks down. Joker's men arrive and shoot Batman down. Joker's men begin to inspect Batman, when Bob tells them to, "Take off the mask." When one of the thugs is about to Vicki takes a picture and they notice the flash and begin to shoot up at her. Batman then springs up off the ground and begins to take down the Joker's men, and eventually fights a thug wielding two blades, but dispatches him. When Bob is about to attack him Batman looks towards him, and Bob runs away scared.


Batman and Vicki get back into the Batmobile and drive into a wooded area. They eventually drive through a trap door in a cliff and enter a long tunnel, and then a raised platform in the Batcave. They both exit the car, and Batman turns on the lights, showing Vicki that she almost walked off the side. Vicki notices all of the bats to which Batman responds, "They're great survivors." Batman sits at the Batcomputer and Vicki gets next to him. Batman reveals that the Smilex toxin was not put into just one product, but many. Vicki replies by saying that if multiple products were contaminated, then everyone would be dead, but Batman tells her that the toxin only works when certain components are mixed, making it untraceable. Batman gives Vicki a file containing the cosmetic products to avoid mixing. He tells her to get it to the press. Batman says that the Joker is psychotic, to which Vicki replies, "Some people say the same thing about you?" Eventually when Vicki asks if there is anything else, Batman tells her that she has something else that he needs, and Batman then grabs Vicki and takes her camera film. He renders her unconscious, and leaves her waking up in her apartment with the file.

Alfred's Advice

While talking to Alfred, he tells Bruce that he should talk to Vicki, and Bruce then leaves to do so.

Double Life

Bruce goes to Vicki's apartment with a flower. Vicki shows obvious anger towards Bruce. Bruce walks into her apartment and begins to complement on it when Vicki lashes at him about everything. Bruce says that he can explain. Vicki keeps on shouting about the things he has done to her but Bruce eventually tells her to just shut up and listen. Vicki complies and Bruce proceeds to try and explain to her that he is Batman but has trouble doing it. The door rings and Vicki goes to get it. Bruce mouths what he wants going to say when Joker bursts into the apartment with several of his goons. Vicki is horrified and Joker asks, "Miss me?" Bruce hears Joker talking to Vicki about what happened at the museum, and grabs a tray.

Joker hears Vicki say Bruce and remarks, "Well Ms. Vale. Another rooster in the hen house." Joker proceeds to find out who is there and is confronted by Bruce at the fireplace. Joker recognizes Bruce as Bruce Wayne and Bruce remarks that he knows who he is. Bruce begins to talk about a guy he knows named Jack, talking about the Joker, explaining that he was sloppy, and liked hurting people, with bad wiring in his head. "I like him already," Joker remarks and his goons laugh. Bruce then raises a fireplace poker and smashes a vase after shouting, "Wanna get nuts? Come on! Let's get nuts!" Joker then pulls out a gun and says, "Tell me my friend. Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?" "What," Joker says thinking about what Joker said. "I ask that of all my prey," Joker says, "I just like the sound of it." Joker then fires at Bruce making him fall back into a corner. Vicki screams as Joker leaves after remarking that his smile is only skin deep. Vicki then returns to where Bruce was to find that he is gone, and the tray with a bullet in it, since he had used it as a shield, after hiding it under his shirt.


Bruce is in the Batcave and walks over to the top of a balcony. He looks down and sees Alfred by the Batsuit vault. Bruce asks if Alfred brought the file on his parents, to which Alfred replies he left it on Bruce's table. Bruce thanks Alfred and opens up the file. He looks down to see that Alfred has a concerned look on his face. When Bruce asks about it Alfred replies, "I don't want to spend my last few remaining years grieving for the lost of old friends, or their sons." At this time the vault is closed and Alfred then walks away.

Learning the Truth

While Mayor Borg makes a speech about postponing the gala for Gotham's 200th birthday, Joker, wearing skin colored makeup, takes over the television and radio stations and declares that he will throw the party, and at midnight dump twenty million in cash on the crowd, and that he and Batman, who he calls the real terrorizer of Gotham, will face-off with each other mano y mano. Bruce is watching this on the Batcomputer. Joker then challenges Batman to reveal himself saying, "I've taken off my makeup. Now it's time to take off yours." Bruce pauses the screen on Joker's face and looks into his parents' file, and remembers the night his parents were murdered. He envisions the night and remembers the murderer of his parents. He had a demented grin and was about to shoot Bruce saying, "Tell me kid, have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?" He was about to shoot Bruce when his partner shouted, "Come on Jack!" "See around kid," Jack said leaving. Bruce then looks at Joker's face and realizes that it was none other then Jack Napier who killed his parents. Bruce then hears people heading up the stairs and turns to see Alfred and Vicki walking up the stairs, surprising Bruce. Alfred then walks away as Vicki approaches Bruce saying, "Tell me if I'm crazy. That that wasn't just another night for either of us. We both got to each other didn't we." Bruce walks to her side and she asks why he did not tell her. Bruce says that she did find out. Vicki reveals that she loved Bruce since she met him, but that she does not know what to think of all of it. Bruce then says that sometimes even he does not know, but that it is something that he has to do. When Vicki asks why he replies, "Because nobody else can." Vicki asks Bruce if they will try to love each other to which Bruce replies he would like to. He then says that, "He's out there right now. And I've got to go to work." Bruce then leaves and suits up, preparing to take down the Joker once and for all.

Axis Chemical Inferno

Bruce remotely sends the Batmobile into Axis Chemicals, where Joker is tainting the cosmetics products. It easily passes all of the guards who shoot at it with little success. It blasts its way into the center of the factory and puts its shields up, with the guards continuing to try and shoot it. Eventually it drops a bomb which sets the factory ablaze. The Batmobile zooms out of the factory as it burns, and eventually gets to the outside where Batman meets up with it. Batman then hears a helicopter and turns to see Joker in a helicopter gloating about how Batman missed him. Joker then flies away.

Flight of the Batwing

While the Joker's parade is in progress, and he throws money into the crowd, Batman flies towards Gotham in the Batwing. Joker spots him coming saying, "And the winged bat flies through the night to find me ready." Joker tells his men to put on their gas masks, to which they comply. Joker then makes a speech to the people of Gotham about how he is going to end their, "Failed and useless lives. But as my plastic surgeon always said. If you've gotta go, go with a smile!" Joker then laughs as he puts on his gas mask and presses a button, releasing Smylex gas from his balloons, which begins to poison the people, and leaving their corpses with demented grins. Batman manages to fly in, and snags the balloons with the Batwing and takes them away, and releases them into the sky where they ascend away from Gotham.

He then flies back around and arms the Batwing's weapons. Joker sees him coming and says, "Come on you gruesome son of a bitch, come to me!" With rockets and machine guns he takes out several of Joker's men and then takes aim at Joker. His bullets and rockets miss him by a hair and Joker then pulls out a pistol with an extremely long barrel. Joker takes aim and fires, making the Batwing crash next to the Gotham City Cathedral.

Ascending the Cathedral

After Joker takes Vicki hostage and leads her into the Cathedral, Batman gets out of the wreckage of the Batwing and goes inside as well. Batman is limping because he got injured, and while walking through the main area of the cathedral, he stumbles and accidentally knocks down a row of pews, alerting the Joker of his presence.

Eventually Batman reaches the stairwell and begins to climb. Joker drops one of Vicki's shoes down the stairwell, in front of Batman who continues to climb. When Joker and Vicki reach the top, Joker squirts acid on a bell's supports, making it wall down the stairwell. Batman manages to dodge it, but it falls in front of the doorway that leads to the stairs, blocking off the police. Batman continues to climb, and finds Vicki's other shoe and then her jacket, and manages to get to the top.

Dancing with the Devil

When Batman reaches the top he hears Joker say, "It appears I have a bat in my belfry." As Batman begins to search the belfry he hears Joker say, "Shall we dance." Batman turns around to see one of Joker's men flip at him with knives coming out of his shoes. Batman outstretches his hand and releases a Gadget which stops the thug. Batan puts the gadget away and looks to see Joker dancing with Vicki, with a gun in his hand. Another one of Joker's men, named Lawrence, tries to jump at Batman from behind, but misses and falls through the floor. Batman turns around and sees the hole. A third African American thug then grabs Batman and throws him through a wall, and then attacks him with a chain with a hook at the end.

During the fight Joker tells Vicki, "You know without you, I just couldn't go on." He then fires the gun at his end, revealing that it was a fake when a flag saying bang came out. This still scared Vicki and Joker laughed and continues their dance.

The fight between Batman and the third thug rages on. Eventually the thug knocks Batman over the side of the belfry and looks down, unable to see Batman. Suddenly Batman grabs the thug's head with his legs and slams the thug's head to the bell and throws him down into the stairwell.


Joker continues dancing with Vicki saying that they were made for each other, that they are the beauty and the beast. Joker then remarks, "But if anyone else calls you beast, I'll rip their lungs out." Vicki then sees Batman sneaking around behind and then begins to kiss the Joker's arm saying that she is becoming attracted to him and that, "I love purple." This throws Joker off, giving Batman the opportunity to punch him after mocking the Joker by saying, "Excuse me, have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light." This makes Joker rush back into a bell. Joker then tries to hit Batman but Batman just whacks him in the face and grabs him by the jacket saying, "I'm going to kill you." Joker shouts back, "You idiot! You made me remember! You dropped me into that vat of chemicals. That wasn't easy to get over, but don't think I didn't try." Batman replies, "I know you did," and punches Joker in the stomach, and then continues to easily beat him around. When Joker tries to punch Batman in the stomach it has no effect because of his body armor. Joker clutches his hand in pain and begins to back away. Batman tells Joker, "You killed my parents," but Joker says that he does not know what he is talking about. Batman then tells Joker, "I made you. You made me first." Joker then says that he was a child when he killed his parents, and that he thinks it is childish that they both created each other. Joker then puts on a pair of glasses and says, "You wouldn't hit a guy with glass on would ya?" Batman then punches Joker in the face making him fall off the side of the cathedral. When Batman and Vicki look over the side, Joker pulls them over, and they hang on for their lives on a ledge. Joker laughs at them and pretends to help Vicki but his hand is revealed to be fake falls off making Vicki begin to fall, but Batman saves her and gets her back on the ledge. Joker continues to laugh and begins to smash off pieces of the ledge saying, "They don't make these like they use to." Joker proceeds to dance and then sees his helicopter coming. He tells Batman, "Well it's time to retire. Feel free to drop in." Joker then laughs again as one of his men drops him a ladder. Joker grabs it and the helicopter begins to fly away. Batman then pulls out a gadget, and fires a rope that ties Joker's right leg to a stone gargoyle. Joker struggles to hold onto the ladder, but eventually lets go and plummets to his death. Afterwards Batman grabs a gargoyle and tries to get he and Vicki back into the cathedral but the Gargoyle breaks off and the two fall. Vicki screams, but Batman pulls out a grapple and fires it. It snags onto the cathedral and Batman grabs Vicki. The grapple stops their fall. Vicki hangs onto to Batman, and puts her head on his shoulder.

The Signal

Mayor Borg, Commissioner Gordon, and Harvey Dent make a speech to the people that the reign of crime in Gotham is over. Dent then tells the people...

"We've received a letter from Batman this morning. 'Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me."

"Question," Alexander Knox says, "How do we call him." Gordon then walks next to a flood light and says, "He gave us a signal. Gordon then turns on the flood light and turns it on revealing that it is the Batsignal. As the signal shines in the sky Batman watches it from atop a building, above the city he protects.

Batman Returns

Waiting for the Signal

It is Christmas time. Bruce is sitting in his dark study, just waiting for the next time Batman is called to action. When the Red Triangle Circus gang attacks Gotham Square Gordon has the signal sent up. When the signal is up, mini Batsignals in Wayne Manor turn on telling Bruce it is time. He gets up and goes to suit up.

Battling the Red Triangle Circus Gang

Batman drives in on the Batmobile and proceeds to take down the members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang. He knocks most of them out with his Batdiscs while using the backwash of his vehicle's jet rocket exhaust to fry the Flame Breather. He stops to deal with a mugger who has grabbed Max Shreck's secretary Selina Kyle and threatens to use an electric stun gun on her. Batman fires a cable hook into the wall behind him and then yanks out a chunk of the building to club him behind the head. Selina looks at her rescuer gratefully and says, "You're the Batman...or is it just Batman? Your choice, of course!" Batman looks at her briefly before he goes away, leaving her disappointed like all the men in her life. Commissioner Gordon meets with Batman and tells him that the Red Triangle Circus Gang is on the loose again, with Batman simply telling him, "We'll see".


The following day, Bruce Wayne watches on TV as the Penguin makes his public appearance in Gotham City as he "rescues" a child that has been kidnapped from a crowd of people gathered in the square by a circus acrobat from the Red Triangle Gang. He says that he hopes to find his parents so he could ask them why they have abandoned him. All Bruce can say is that he hopes that he does find them.

Bruce does some investigating on his own and finds out that the Penguin is part of the Red Triangle Circus Gang by having been a circus attraction himself. He goes out at night as Batman, patrolling the streets to find only the Penguin at the Hall of Records, looking through records and making lists of names for as-yet-unrevealed purposes.

Bruce Meets Selina

Max Shreck finally has his meeting with Bruce Wayne about the power plant. Bruce gives Max a report that he has commissioned with the mayor that reveals that Gotham City has an energy surplus, and so wonders what Max's angle is. Max challenges Bruce if he could go the distance of challenging him in court, and Bruce tells him that he at least does not have a criminal like Cobblepot, the leader of the Red Triangle Gang, in his back pocket. As Max threatens to have Bruce be taken away with that accusation by his secretary, Selina shows up, casting eyes on Bruce and surprising Max, who pushed her out of a window and saw her fall to her death. Selina and Bruce make some small talk in the hopes of seeing each other again as she escorts him to the elevator on his way out.

The Bird, The Bat, And The Cat

That night, Batman deals with members of Penguin's Red Triangle Gang in Gotham, who wreak mayhem while the Penguin casually walks about looking as if he is simply doing "upstanding mayor stuff" like touring the riot scene and gravely assessing the damage. During Batman's encounter with Penguin to find out what his actual game plan is, a mysterious woman in a cat costume appears, doing her backflips toward them, greeting the two outside Shreck's department store with a "meow" just before the store explodes and she disappears. Penguin says, "I saw her first", and activates a helicopter umbrella to hover away.

Batman chases after Catwoman, who fights him upon the roof and feigns injury from a blow by saying, "How could you? I'm a woman", in order to knock him off the roof and leave him dangling with her whip, taunting him with, "life's a bitch, so am I!" Batman tosses an explosive vial that scars her shoulder, causing her to fall until they both safely land on a ledge. Catwoman tries to get a little frisky with Batman, but only for her to find a chink in his protective Batsuit and thrust her cat claws into his side. Batman reflexively knocks her off the ledge, where she lands in a passing sand truck. "Saved by the kitty litter," she muses before she looks at her shoulder and curses Batman.

Bruce in the Batcave finds one of Catwoman's claws dug into his side and asks Alfred to bring some antibacterial ointment. Alfred asks if Bruce is hurt, and Bruce tells him that he is not. He simply just looks at the claw and mutters, "meow".

A Hot Time In The Cold Town Tonight

Bruce finds Selina on the street talking to herself and invites her to come to his mansion to watch the mayor of Gotham City attempt to relight the Christmas tree in the square. As they try to get to know each other better and even kiss each other, the news reports that the Ice Princess has been kidnapped and the only evidence left on the scene was a bloody Batarang. Upon hearing this, Selina and Bruce both tell Alfred why they had to depart before going their own separate ways. Batman finds the Ice Princess tied up in a chair, hidden in an abandoned building. Upon freeing her, he fights Catwoman again, who then grabs the Ice Princess and heads for the roof, saying, "Gotta run! Girl talk!" When he reaches the roof, Catwoman disappears and the Ice Princess is left alone standing on the ledge of the roof...until Penguin throws an umbrella that opens up and unleashes a cloud of bats that makes her fall onto the switch near the Christmas tree, unleashing bats caged up in the tree. Penguin disappears, and Batman is knocked down onto a ledge by police gunfire, where the Catwoman again gets frisky with him in the hopes of striking him with her claws. Batman knocks her off him and activates his bat glider wings to fly down to his Batmobile.

H-Bomb On Wheels

Upon entering, the Penguin appears on the viewscreen and says, "Gentlemen, start your screaming!" The Batmobile kicks into high gear and tears through the city, out of Batman's control, plowing through parked cars and causing all sorts of mayhem. While the Penguins continues to taunt Batman, he locates a device underneath his vehicle that is receiving the signals to controlling the rigged Batmobile that the Red Triangle managed to get their hands on, and shuts it off. Now in control again, Batman brakes in order to let a lady with a baby carriage safely cross the street, then heads toward a narrow alley with the police cars on pursuit. After a few tries with the controls, he succeeds in causing the Batmobile to contract itself into becoming the Batmissile, scraping its way through the narrow alley while the police cars crash into it.

Fall From Grace

Though the Penguin fails in destroying Batman, he at least has succeeded in destroying the people's faith in both Batman and the mayor. He takes the podium and addresses the crowd gathered at the Gotham City square, ready to hear how he will seek to gain the glory of Gotham City. During his speech, however, Batman accesses the P.A. system and broadcasts the comments Penguin made to Batman about playing "this stinkin' city like a harp from hell". The crowd hears this and turns against Penguin by throwing eggs and tomatoes at him. He reacts by shielding himself with an umbrella and then using its machine gun to scare the crowd away while he runs off to the park and escapes by jumping into the river.

Crashing The Party

Bruce appears at a Christmas party Max Shreck throws at his slightly-renovated department store, meeting with Selina Kyle who also attends, hoping on seeing her again. Selina tells Bruce the real reason why she is at the party: she is hoping to kill Max Shreck. Bruce tries to reason with her not to do that, but soon she is distracted by the sight of mistletoe, and sighs: "They say mistletoe is dangerous if you eat it." Recognizing that as what he had said as Batman, Bruce responds with what she said as Catwoman: "But a kiss can be deadlier if you mean it." They both realize who each other really is, with Selina wondering what they would do. Before Bruce could respond, an explosion rips open the floor and Penguin appears in his duck craft, crashing the party to tell the crowd that his gang is kidnapping all the firstborn sons of Gotham City right now. He now takes Max's son Chip as his hostage, but Max pleads for the Penguin to take him instead, telling him he is the one the Penguin wants to see knee-deep in his own sewage. The Penguin favors the exchange and takes Max to his Arctic display hideout at the Zoo.

Stopping The Kiddie Train

Meanwhile, children are being gathered up and collected in a train of cages. The driver of that train tells the rest of the gang to hurry up when he looks forward and sees the shadow of Batman in a flash of light before he is violently pulled out of the vehicle. The Organ Grinder's monkey returns to the Penguin with a note from Batman, saying that the children will not be able to attend. This enrages the Penguin to the point where he now sends an army of penguins equipped with missile launchers to gather at Gotham City Square and destroy the whole city.

Missile Attack

Batman now travels through the sewer tunnels of Gotham in his Batboat, hoping to find the Penguin's original hideout at the Old Gotham Zoo, while Alfred works on finding the frequency to access the controls to the Penguin's army of penguin missile launchers. The Penguin watches excitedly as his army has gathered in the city square, waiting for the launch countdown to reach zero. Then suddenly the penguin army retreats and heads away. The Red Triangle Gang also indicate that a vessel is coming, and slowly retreat to save themselves, knowing that it must be the Batman. Penguin tries to make a run for it in his duck craft by riding it to the surface, but Batman cuts him off by riding the Batboat to the surface and crashing on top of the duck craft.

After Batman gets out to look for the Penguin, he jumps toward the Dark Knight and attacks him, saying he is only jealous of not being a true freak and having to wear the mask. Penguin shows Batman he still has the missile launcher controls, but he then sees that his army of penguins are now gathered around his hideout at the Arctic display, all under Batman's control. Penguin now fights Batman, trying to get the controls out of his hand and succeeds in doing so in order to activate it. The missiles now launch and strike the structures all around the Old Gotham Zoo. The Batboat also opens a hatch where a cloud of bats surround the Penguin, causing him to fall to his death inside the Arctic display, landing in the water.

Selina's Deadly Kiss

Batman enters the Arctic display where he interrupts a struggle Max Shreck has with Catwoman, who is out to kill him. Max feigns gratitutde, but Batman knocks him to the ground with his fist, telling him he is going to the police. Catwoman says the law does not apply to him or them. Batman bravely rips his mask off so Selina could see they are both in need of each other. She says she would want to live happily ever after with him, but she gives him a scratch in the face, saying she could not live with herself.

Max then realizes that the Catwoman is Selina as she rips her mask off and says she is fired. He also fires a gun at Batman, wounding him. She then taunts Max to finish her off, which he obliges by firing two shots that wound her, but do not stop her. "Four...five...still alive!" He fires two more shots that nearly cripple her. Still she approaches. "Six...seven...all good girls go to heaven!" He tries to fire again, but he is out of bullets. She laughs, realizing she has two more lives left and decides to save one for next Christmas. "But in the meantime, how about a kiss Santi-Claus?" she says as she takes out her electric stun gun and grabs a power line as she presses the gun toward his lips.

Alive Again?

Bruce watches as both Selina and Max are consumed in the explosion of the power generator and debris falls upon them. When the explosion is over, Bruce sifts through the wreckage and finds Max's charred electrified body, but Selina's body mysteriously disappears. She is nowhere to be found.

But as he looks at the wreckage, the Penguin emerges from the water, bleeding to death. He goes over to his collection of umbrellas to pull out the one with which he hopes to kill Batman. On pressing the button, he curses as he finds out he picked "the cute one". Penguin tells Batman he will kill him later, but now he needs to get a drink of nice cold water. He collapses as he heads back toward the water, and then a group of penguins act as pallbearers to carry the Penguin's dead body into the water for a burial.

As Bruce rides back to Wayne Manor in his limousine, he sees a shadow in an alley that looks like it may be Selina. He tells Alfred to stop and goes into the alley to look. He does not see her anywhere, but he does find her cat. Bruce takes her into his car and strokes her as he and Alfred wish each other a merry Christmas.

Batman Forever

The Trial of Boss Maroni

Some time after the events of the first film, Dent is still the district attorney of Gotham City. He put the current mafia don of the city Boss Salvatore Maroni on trial. During the trial Maroni threw acid into Dent's face, and despite Batman's efforts, Dent was hit, and half of his face became scarred. He was driven mad and took up the identity of Two-Face. He vowed revenge against Batman for not saving him. He was subsequently captured and sent to Arkham Asylum.

Two-Face's Revenge

Two years later Two-Face escaped from Arkham and grouped together some thugs to serve as his enforcers. He then attacked the 2nd National Bank in Gotham City, where he took a security guard hostage, planning on luring in and killing Batman. As the police surround the building, Batman shows up on the scene and is introduced to Chase Meridian, a criminal psychoanalyst who has been called to deal with the case of Two-Face. Chase is stricken by Batman's appearance and hopes to see him later.

Blast Him

Eventually Batman entered the bank and went up in an elevator. Two-Face thinks this is very punctual even for his own funeral and has his men line up with their guns in hand. When the elevator reaches the floor Two-Face shouts, "Blast him," and a hail of bullets is fired at the elevator. Eventually they stop and look inside after the doors open, and Batman jumps out. When Batman starts taking down his men, Two-Face growls and runs away.

Helicopter Face-Off

Two-Face gets into a helicopter with a chain attaching it to the vault the guard is locked in as well as Batman. The helicopter rips the vault out of the building and drags it in midair as it flies away. Two-Face also causes boiling acid to pour out inside the vault, hoping to melt both Batman and the guard. However, Batman and the guard escape, and soon has the vault slide back inside the building with the guard riding on it. Two-Face tries to shake Batman off as he now dangles on the severed cable attached to the helicopter, but Batman soon blocks the window with his cape, causing Two-Face to fire upon the window and kill his pilot. He then uses a steering wheel lock to cause the helicopter to fly straight into the Statue of Justice in Gotham Harbor, hoping to kill Batman, while he escapes with a parachute. Batman barely escapes by jumping into the harbor before the helicopter crashes into the statue.

Too Many Questions

Bruce Wayne takes a tour through Wayne Enterprises when he ecounters Ed Nigma, one of his scientists who wanted to show the company's owner his latest invention: a device capable of generating realistic images from television signals into a person's brain. The device in its prototype form strangely looks like it was made with an electric food blender -- the shape that the final version of the product ends up taking later on. Wayne notices that Nigma says the device manipulates the mind, which makes him say he cannot fund its development because it raises up too many questions. Nigma fumes at the rejection and decides he will press on with working on the device with or without Wayne's support.

False Alarm?

Batman Chase BatmanForever.png

Bruce notices the Batsignal outside the Wayne Enterprises window and realizes that Batman is needed. He goes to the roof as Batman hoping to find Commissioner Gordon and instead finds Chase Meridian, who admits that her use of the Batsignal was for a more personal encounter than an emergency. She wants to know more about a man who would spend his nights dressed up as a flying rodent, a comment Batman earlier rebuts by saying bats are not rodents.

During this private encounter, Commissioner Gordon shows up and asks what the Batsignal is for. Batman tells him, "False alarm," to which Chase answers, "Are you sure?" The Dark Knight jumps back into the Batmobile, impressed by Chase's boldness before he drives off.

Mysteries And Riddles

The next day, the police come on the scene at Wayne Enterprises to find a suicide note supposedly written by Nigma's superior, and Bruce Wayne watches a security video recording where he supposedly went insane and purposely walked his way through the window to drown himself. He orders to have benefits be sent to the superior's widow, despite his corporate policy that such benefits do not cover suicide. Bruce goes to his office to find a card with a question mark on it that opens to reveal a riddle: "Count the numbers on my face; you won't find thirteen anyplace." He easily guesses that its answer is a clock, but the real riddle is who the person is who sent the riddle.

Bruce shows up at Chase's office for an appointment, to show her both that riddle and another one he has received: "Tear one off and strike my head; what once was red is now black instead." Chase easily answers that it is a match. She tells Bruce that the person sending the riddles most likely has a psychotic fixation on him with the intent of destroying him. She also notices that Bruce has more going on inside his own head than he is letting on, when he sees the image of a bat in a Rorsharch test picture hanging in her office, believing that she has a fixation on bats. Bruce quickly ends his meeting by asking her if she wants to go with him to the circus.

Murder At The Circus

Bruce Wayne and Chase Meridian watch the Flying Graysons in action upon the trapeze at the circus, with Bruce asking if she would want to go mountain-climbing with him, and Chase answering that she has already met someone interesting. Then suddenly Two-Face shows up with his gang, announcing that he has a time bomb set up that will blow up the building the circus is held in unless Batman reveals himself. Bruce decides to reveal himself as Batman to save the people, but the tumult of noise prevents him from being heard. Two-Face then activates the bomb and has it being raised to the roof. Bruce secretly goes into action to put down Two-Face's goons, while the Flying Graysons act in trying to stop the bomb before it detonates. Dick Grayson manages to grab it and roll it down the building where it lands in the Gotham River, exploding harmlessly in the water. But his parents and brother were not lucky; Two-Face fired at the cables they were swinging on and caused them to fall to their deaths. Bruce looks up at a grieving Dick Grayson, feeling responsible for his loss.

Taking Dick Grayson In

Commissioner Gordon shows up at Wayne Manor with Dick Grayson following on a motorcycle, telling Bruce that the young man now has nowhere else to go and that he is grateful for him choosing to give Dick a place to stay. After Gordon and the other policemen leave, Dick decides he is going to leave as well, planning to go find Two-Face and kill him. Bruce tries to reason with Dick, saying revenge will not bring his parents back, but he refuses to listen. Instead, Bruce brings Dick to his garage to get his motorcycle's gas tank fueled up. In the garage, Dick is impressed by the collection of motorcycles Bruce has collected, including some rare ones. Bruce tells him that some of them need repair, and he would gratefully give that one away to somebody who is able to fix it. Then Alfred shows up with a meal he intends to give to Dick, which he then chooses to give to the dogs when he hears that Dick is going to head out. Dick then chooses to stay with Bruce.

Drive Him Up The Wall

Later on, as Batman drives around in his Batmobile looking for Two-Face, hoping to arrest him before Dick makes good on the promise of killing him, he shows up appearing as an old lady crossing the street with a baby carriage. He pulls out of the baby carriage a bazooka, from which he fires a charge at Batman. The Batmobile makes a sideways dodge, causing the charge to blow up the vehicle belonging to Two-Face's gang following him. Two-Face tells the rest of the gang in other vehicles to chase after Batman while he flings away his bazooka in a rage. Soon they have him trapped going down a narrow dead-end alley with no way out. Batman fires a cable at the top of the building and uses it to pull the Batmobile up the side of the building, escaping the dead end as the vehicles following him crash and explode.

A Knight On The Town

After receiving yet another puzzling riddle from the Riddler -- "The eight of us go forth, not back, to protect our king from the foe's attack", which he easily guesses are chess pawns -- Bruce has a private discussion with Chase Meridian in her apartment, who continues to wonder not only about Batman but also about Bruce Wayne. During the discussion, Bruce gets a secret message on his wristwatch from Alfred that Dick has taken "the other vehicle" -- meaning he has found the Batcave and is now driving the Batmobile. Bruce shows up as Batman to rescue Dick as he finds himself overwhelmed by a gang of thugs while posing as an uncostumed Batman. But Dick is angry at Bruce for not stopping Two-Face from murdering his family, and with the desire of killing Two-Face still fresh in his mind, he felt that taking on those thugs was like taking on Two-Face himself. Bruce takes Dick home to the Wayne Estate and tries to counsel him out of taking revenge, saying that killing Two-Face will not be the end of that desire but instead will grow until it totally consumes his life, as it did for Bruce himself when he dealt justice to the man who killed his parents.

A Bat On The Mind

Bruce Wayne attends the gala party Edward Nigma is throwing to showcase the latest advancements of his Box to his guests. As Bruce watches from a video monitor, James Gordon finds himself on a tropical vacation, while an elderly woman finds herself crowned Miss America. Bruce Wayne enters one of these booths, and it instantly records the haunting secret of how he was inspired to become Batman.

Buried In The Sand

Soon Two-Face crashes the gala party with his girlfriend Spice, letting loose a hail of gunfire to scare people into handing over their valuables. He is getting tired of waiting for his partner to show him who the Batman is and just wants him to show up so he can kill him. Soon the Batman shows at the party, and Two-Face lures him outside the building and into an underground section where the villain ignites a gas explosion. Batman escapes it by activating a heat shield and runs through it unscathed. Two-Face then buries Batman in a ton of sand before he escapes, only for the Dark Knight to be soon rescued by his unexpected partner Dick Grayson, dressed in his Flying Grayson costume and wearing a mask.

Paying The Doctor A House Call

However, Bruce is far from grateful for Dick's coming to the rescue and scolds him for almost getting himself killed. Dick tells Bruce that he is going to be his partner, whether he likes it or not, and tells Alfred to put his costume in the Batcave next to Bruce's Batsuits. Bruce scolds Alfred for encouraging Dick, but Alfred tells his master that young men seeking revenge need guidance rather than encouragement. He then turns Bruce's attention to dealing with Chase Meridian, with which he hopes to see his master fall in love. Bruce tells Alfred that Chase loves the Batman. Alfred tells him to let the lady decide.

At night he arrives on the balcony of Chase's apartment as Batman. She greets him with a passionate kiss on the mouth, and then afterward realizes that though her dream has come true, she is starting to think about someone else more interesting than Batman and tells him that. Batman responds by seeming a little let down, but as he departs, he secretly smiles, knowing she is turning her affections toward Bruce.

Kidnapping Chase

Dick Grayson is sorely disappointed as he sees Bruce Wayne shut down everything in the Batcave, making the decision of not only putting an end to Batman, but also revealing to Chase Meridian who Batman really is. Dick is still itching to get his revenge on Two-Face, and without Bruce's help as Batman, he realizes that he will have to seek it on his own.

On Halloween, as Chase Meridian enjoys a quiet evening with Bruce Wayne, trying to get to know his secrets, Two-Face and the Riddler break into Wayne Manor with his gang, knocking out Alfred the butler at the door. While the Riddler goes to destroy things in the Batcave with his Riddler bat bombs, Bruce and Chase keep the thugs at bay as Two-Face keeps flipping the coin, not getting a good decision until the right side finally shows up, and soon wounds Bruce, felling him to the floor. Two-Face gets ready to kill Bruce until the Riddler stops him, telling him Bruce will never learn the riddle that is left to him if he is dead. They soon make off with Chase and have her bound inside their island headquarters.

Solving The Riddles

Bruce wakes up to find his butler Alfed looking down on his master, who is lying on a bed following the injury he sustained from Two-Face. He reports that Chase is gone and that there is another riddle: "We're five little items of an everyday sort; you'll find them all in a tennis court." Batman easily solves the answer to this riddle: vowels. But more than that, Bruce Wayne discovers from all the riddles he has been given that the numbers in them are all connected to letters: 13, 1, 8, and 5, which in turn are M, A, H, and E. He deduces that 1 and 8 are actually 18, which then makes the letters MRE -- thus revealing it to be "mystery", or Mr. E, as in Mr. Ed Nigma. He then realizes that Nigma must have generated both the fake suicide note and the fake security video recording to cover up the murder of Fred Stickley.

Enter The Dynamic Duo

Although most of the Batcave was destroyed along with most of the Batsuits, there was an untested prototype suit that had built-in sonar detection features that was still intact. Bruce decided to use it in order to rescue Chase and defeat the Riddler and Two-Face. Two of his other vehicles, the Batwing and the Batboat, also remain intact. He asked Alfred which of the two he should use when another voice chimes in, saying why not use both. It is Dick Grayson, now outfitted in an armored version of his Flying Grayson costume with an R on the left side of his chest -- the R standing for Robin, which is what Dick is calling himself. While Dick could not promise Bruce that he will not kill Two-Face, he will help him better the odds against two dangerous criminals. Bruce accepts Dick as a partner.

Riddle Me This

They both travel to the island where the Riddler's headquarters is, with Batman flying the Batwing and Robin driving the Batboat. However, both Two-Face and the Riddler are prepared for their arrival and knock out both of their vehicles, causing them to swim ashore only for Robin to be taken when the headquarters rises high from the ground and be captured by Two-Face.

Batman climbs up the shaft to enter the main chamber where the Riddler awaits, taunting his adversary that he knows he is Bruce Wayne and testing him with a riddle by threatening to drop Chase Meridian and Robin into a watery grave. Batman says there is no way he can save both of them because the whole island is a death trap. The Riddler does not accept the answer as valid and proceeds to press the button, but Batman stops him with a riddle of his own, distracting him long enough to activate protective blinders before throwing a Batarang at the receptor fixture above the Riddler's throne. Nigma screams as the feedback from its destruction scrambles his brain, causing him to press the button to send Chase and Robin falling to their deaths. Batman quickly manages to rescue them both from dying by using his Batcables.

A Final Toss Of The Coin

No sooner does Batman rescue Chase and Robin, that Two-Face shows up on a ledge to shoot at them, saying that it is curtains for them. Batman reminds Two-Face of his coin, which alone can make the decision for him. As he tosses up the coin, Batman throws a bunch of coins toward Two-Face, who tries to catch the right one but ends up falling down the shaft to his death as Robin watches. As his arm sinks into the water, his hand catches the coin.

The Secret Is Safe

Bruce again appears before a ruined Ed Nigma to tell him that he is Batman not because he has to be, but now because he chooses to be. As he approaches Nigma to take him into custody, he screams as he now sees the image of a giant black bat coming toward him.

Later on at Arkham Asylum, Chase meets Nigma in his padded cell, who claims to know who Batman is. He jumps into view of her, wearing his straitjacket and flapping his arms like wings, saying that he is the Batman. Chase concludes from this encounter that Nigma has gone insane and that Bruce Wayne's secret is now safe. She greets Bruce outside the asylum with a kiss before he departs to respond to the call of being Batman, telling him not to be late.

And soon Batman goes into action in Gotham City with his new partner Robin.

Batman & Robin

A Knight At The Museum

Bruce Wayne as Batman is given the call that Mr. Freeze is at the Old Gotham Museum with his gang to steal a very valuable diamond. Batman shows up with his partner Dick Grayson as Robin to stop Mr. Freeze from making off with the diamond, but he makes trouble for the Dynamic Duo by freezing the floor of the museum with his freeze gun and then sending his goons armed with hockey sticks to contend with them. Batman enters into a rocket that Mr. Freeze takes off in and is pinned to the wall by hard frozen ice as the rocket takes off. Robin clings unto the side of the rocket and enters it after Mr. Freeze departs from it using butterfly-like glider wings, melting the ice around Batman's wrists and then helping him set the rocket to detonate in mid-air instead of crash-landing into Gotham and turning it into a giant crater. They both escape the rocket before it detonates by riding the hatch doors like air surfers until they catch up with Mr. Freeze at ground level, with Robin getting the diamond from the criminal. However, a false move by Robin enables Mr. Freeze to freeze him in his tracks and retake the diamond, sealing up a door with hard ice before he escapes. Batman heats up a pool of water and sticks the frozen Robin in it to thaw him out.

Who Do You Trust?

As Bruce reviews the tapes from the laboratory that Dr. Victor Fries used to work at, that showed how he became Mr. Freeze in the first place, he realizes that the villain's special ice suit requires diamond-enhanced lasers to keep him at a comfortable subzero temperature. Bruce decides to use the Wayne family diamonds in order to trap Mr. Freeze, but tells Dick he will have to spend 10 hours in the simulation chamber. Dick promises that his slip-up willnot happen again, but Bruce does not trust Dick's judgment and gets called by his partner upon it. Alfred concurs that his master does not trust Dick, not wishing to take sides but hoping that the two would work together despite their differences in actions and decisions.

Bruce Meets Barbara

Bruce gets a visitor in the form of Alfred's niece Barbara Wilson, who says is currently on break from Oxbridge Academy (Alfred's old alma mater) in England to see her uncle again. Bruce chooses to let her stay at the Wayne Estate simply because she is family.

The Giant Telescope

Bruce Wayne with his girlfriend Julie Madison attend the unveiling of a giant telescope at the Gotham City Observatory that, through a complex series of satellites that reflect sunlight, will allow observers to see the sky from anywhere on Earth. During the press conference, a somewhat deranged scientist named Pamela Isley interrupts with the proposal of a project that could help the environment, but Bruce declines her offer, as it would kill millions of people. Isley makes a fierce charge that one day the plants will reclaim the environment from those who dare to destroy it, and that there will be no one to save them -- a charge that only elicits laughs from those gathered at the conference. Bruce gives Isley an invitation to a charity ball where the benefits will go to preserving the rainforest, showing some "mammals" still care for the environment. She accepts, but only to secretly plot for the demise of Batman and Robin, who will show up at the charity ball.

Meet Poison Ivy

While the Dynamic Duo stand in wait at the charity ball for Mr. Freeze to take the bait of the Heart of Isis diamond necklace, an unexpected female visitor by the name of Poison Ivy makes her grand entrance. Blowing around a wisp of pheromone dust in order for the males to feel attraction to her, she makes her way to the stage and takes the necklace, offering the auctioneers present a night with her. Batman and Robin, also hit by the pheromone dust, get in on the auctioning action themselves.

Forces Of Nature

Soon Mr. Freeze shows up with his goons and his freeze gun. While Batman and Robin contend with his goons, Mr. Freeze swings onto the stage and tells Poison Ivy to hand over the jewels. Ivy simply responds by blowing some pheromone dust in his face, but it does not work on him as his heart is ice-cold. After allowing Mr. Freeze to take the necklace, she lets him go and tells her assistant Bane they have work to do.

The Race For Mr. Freeze

Batman and Robin chase after Mr. Freeze and his goons across town, where on a high bridge held by a giant statue the villain decides to make an exit through the statue and across his arm to jump onto a nearby building to escape. The Dynamic Duo continue to chase him across the arm. Batman tells Robin to pull back, but Robin tells him he can make the jump. Batman quickly disables the engine on Robin's motorcycle, causing him to stop while Batman in the Batmobile completes the jump. Mr. Freeze reaches the building first and freezes the Batmobile, hoping to trap Batman in it, but he escapes and knocks out the villain, ready to send him to Arkham Asylum.

My Way Or The High Way

Dick is getting increasingly disgusted by the way Bruce does not trust him, accusing his mentor of wanting Poison Ivy all for himself and reminding him that they have a partnership. Bruce tells Dick that it is his rules that keep his partner alive, and if he wants to continue working as a partner, he will abide by them. Dick just simply walks off, not listening.

Bruce later talks with Alfred, asking if his butler thinks he is so pigheaded on insisting things to be done his way. Alfred candidly tells him yes, for Batman is simply a way for Bruce to control what he was unable to do years ago with his parents: to stop death from happening. But Bruce realizes that even he cannot stop death from happening.

Who's Ivy?

Bruce Wayne has Julie Madison over for a dinner date, where she hopes he will pop the question of whether he will marry her or not. As the two of them get close enough to kiss, Bruce sees Poison Ivy standing inside the dining room, taking his mind off Julie, who then gets puzzled when Bruce calls her Ivy. "Who's Ivy?" she asks. Bruce simply answers that he wishes he knew.

Alfred's Secret

Bruce overhears Dick and Barbara talking as they enter Wayne Manor from a night of escaping death from a motorcycle ride. Barbara says she quit school because of her motorcycle racing and that she is been trying to earn enough money to get Alfred out of the butlership that is killing him. Dick tries to assure Barbara that Alfred has never been happier doing what he has done, but Barbara can only see that her uncle is sick. Bruce tells Dick that he is more than sick; he is dying -- something Alfred will not tell anyone, but Bruce somehow simply knows.

Lady In Waiting

Bruce soon gets the news that Mr. Freeze has escaped Arkham. He as Batman and Dick as Robin show up at his gang's hideout where they find no trace of Mr. Freeze, but they do find a cryogenic chamber that his wife Nora Fries was put in while he was searching for the cure for MacGregor's Syndrome. He has already found the cures for earlier stages, but his wife is at a more critical stage that would possibly take years to discover.

The Scent Of A Woman

Soon the Dynamic Duo find themselves inhaling the pheromone dust again, which means that Poison Ivy must be around. They go down to the basement, where instead of the beauty, they find the beast, which is Bane. He alternately fights with one of the heroes while Poison Ivy focuses on the other, primarily Robin whom is more easily swayed by her charms. After Bruce takes down Bane, he tries to get Robin to come to his senses about what Poison Ivy is doing to the both of them, but Robin refuses to listen, believing that Batman is jealous and just wants Ivy for himself. Poison Ivy uses this fighting among themselves as a distraction for her and Bane to leave. After being pushed into a vat of green sticky stuff by Batman who then soon after pulled him out, Robin says from now on he is going solo.

Stage One

Bruce has a doctor give Alfred an examination, who then says he has Stage One of MacGregor's Syndrome, the very same illness that Nora Fries has. Alfred is laid up in bed, where the only thing anyone can do for him is just to make him comfortable. Bruce will figure out what to do about Alfred, but now he needs to attend the dedication ceremony for the new telescope at the observatory. He tells Dick that he will handle Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy alone. Dick at this point is getting tired of living under the Batman's shadow and tells him that.

In The Air Tonight

At the dedication ceremony at the Observatory, Bruce shows up with his girlfriend Julie, but so also does Poison Ivy, disguised as Pamela Isley. She gives him a tantalizing whiff of her pheromone dust to distract him for just a little bit before Julie pulls Bruce's attention back to her and the telescope.

Robin's Signal

Bruce and Dick watch in the sky as a red Robin signal replaces the normal black Bat signal in the sky. Dick says it is Ivy's signal for him to come to her, a signal of love. Bruce tells him that Poison Ivy is Pamela Isley, a former scientist working in a South American laboratory that was recently destroyed, and that she killed guards at the airport by using deadly toxins transmitted from her lips. Dick still thinks that Bruce is simply jealous that Ivy is calling for Robin, not Batman. Bruce tells Dick that he is simply looking out for him, not just as a partner, but also as part of a family. All he wants from Dick right now is to trust his judgment.

Garden Of Evil

Robin shows up at Poison Ivy's hideout, where she lures him to her private plant-like throne to kiss her. Robin will not make a move on her until she tells him what Mr. Freeze is up to. Ivy tells him that Mr. Freeze is going to turn the Gotham City Observatory's telescope into a giant freeze gun to freeze all of Gotham City. Robin realizes he has to stop Mr. Freeze, but Ivy gets him to kiss her before he takes off, assuming that he will die. Unfortunately, the kiss has no effect, as Robin wore a protective sheath on his lips. Then Batman shows up, ready to take Poison Ivy in. But she surprises the two crimefighters as she has them tangled up in living vines while she tries to make her escape.

Who Is That Batgirl?

Her escape is cut off by a blond-haired girl wearing a Batsuit, telling Ivy that she is going to be compost. The two women engage in hand-to-hand combat, with Batgirl prevailing and Poison Ivy being captured by her own plant creations while Batman and Robin cut their way through the vines. She tells the heroes that she is Barbara and that she has found the Batcave, where a virtual Alfred has already prepared a suit for her. Batman decides he will deal with Barbara later as they now head toward the observatory.

The Big Chill

Mr. Freeze is already at work at the Observatory, freezing all of Gotham City with the telescope turned into a giant freeze gun. As he does this, the Bat team travel to the Observatory in other vehicles, dealing with Mr. Freeze's goons along the way. Batman notices that there is 11 minutes to thaw out the whole city before the people become ice cubes forever. Upon reaching the Observatory, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl discover that Mr. Freeze is not there at the controls, so they get to work on how they could get the sunlight on one side of the earth to be beamed directly into the telescope. Batgirl sees that the reflector mirrors need thawing out, so she and Robin choose to melt the ice on the mirrors while Batman works on reconfiguring the satellites. No sooner do they start, though, does Mr. Freeze make an unwelcome return, shaking Batgirl and Robin off the telescope and causing two of the Observatory astronomers to get caught holding onto the telescope while fighting with Batman.

Bombs Away

Soon Batman prevails against Mr. Freeze by sticking one of his portable Bat heaters on the villain's cold suit, enabling him to knock his opponent off the control platform. He gets the satellites to beam the reflected sunlight into the telescope and uses it to heat the ice off buildings and people in Gotham. But Mr. Freeze is not finished yet; he activates a series of bombs that Bane set up around the telescope, causing it to collapse to the ground. Batman rescues the two astronomers before they fall to their deaths, and picks up Robin and Batgirl after they finished taking down Bane to return to the Observatory.

Letting The Sunshine In

With the telescope destroyed, and the time now being midnight, the Bat team now needs a new way to thaw out the city. Batman says they can reconfigure the satellites to beam down the sunlight directly, but it would take a computer genius to do that. Batgirl says she could do it and gets right to work. Soon with the satellites in position, all of Gotham City is soaked in heat beams from the deflected sunlight.

Redeeming The Doctor

Batman is ready to take Mr. Freeze into custody, but he does not want to be taken back to Arkham; he wants Batman to kill him like he did his wife. Batman shows a recording made by Batgirl of Poison Ivy's confession of pulling the plug on Mrs. Fries, and also tells him that they found her alive and reconnected her. He reminds Mr. Freeze that taking lives is not real power, but saving lives is -- the power he once had as a scientist. Batman promises to have Mrs. Fries' body moved to Arkham so Mr. Freeze can continue his research to cure her stage of MacGregor's Syndrome, but all he wants right now is to save a life of someone suffering from an earlier stage. Mr. Freeze pulls two vials containing the cure from his suit and hands them to Batman, trusting him in good faith.

The Duo Becomes A Trio

After a long night of watching and waiting for the cure Mr. Freeze developed for an earlier stage of MacGregor's Syndrome to have any effect on Alfred after they hooked up the vials to the IV machine, Bruce, Dick, and Barbara slept in the living room, only to be awakened by a slightly disgruntled but now revitalized Alfred in the morning. All three of them are happy to see him cured and healthy. Bruce decides to take in Barbara not only as part of the family, but also as his second partner Batgirl. All Alfred could say to that is that they would now need a bigger Batcave.







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