Quote1 Everything about you tells the tale. Your attitude, your costume, your tactics...they all scream of outrage, despair, vengeance. What terrible wrong was done to set you on this path? Quote2
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Batman is a superhero and a member of the Justice League.

Batman and the Justice League were finishing the construction of their new Watchtower, which would serve as the Justice League's headquarters. However, Batman receives a message about Lex Luthor being captured by the Metropolis Police Department, which he then passes to Superman. It is later revealed that Luthor recently captured comes from a parallel Earth, as the Luthor the Justice League is familiar with is still imprisoned at Stryker's Island.

The Justice League takes Luthor to the Watchtower, where he explains that the Earth he comes from has been conquered by the Crime Syndicate, a villainous analogue of the Justice League. Luthor was the leader of his world's Justice League, but the Syndicate systematically destroyed its members, until only Luthor remained. The only thing keeping the Syndicate in check is the threat of a nuclear response. He has come to the Justice League's Earth to ask them for help in saving his world. Although the Justice League has trouble accepting Luthor's story, they agree to help him, except for Batman, who argues that the League is spread too thin for the problems of their own world, let alone Luthor's.

As the Justice League goes to Luthor's world, Batman continues the construction of the Watchtower alone. Suddenly, the Watchover is attacked by a group of Made Men led by Superwoman, Wonder Woman's evil counterpart. At first, Batman confronts the intruders with a suit of powered armor, but after Superwoman wrecks it, Batman uses the Watchtower's teleporter to summon a group of heroes (Aquaman, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Firestorm and Red Tornado) to fight them.

As the heroes defend the Watchtower from the Made Men, Batman follows Superwoman and watches her finding a mysterious device hidden in the Watchtower. She and her lieutenant Captain Super return to their dimension and Batman follows them. As Captain Super delivers the device to the Crime Syndicate, Superwoman continues attacking Batman, breaking one of his ribs. However, Batman tricks her into inhaling a large amount of anesthetic gas, knocking her out.

Batman regroups with the Justice League, asking Luthor about the device he hid on the Watchtower. Luthor explains that the device is a Quantum Trigger, an essential component to a bomb the Syndicate is building. The bomb is powerful enoguh to destroy Earth, and the Syndicate intends to use it as an equalizer to the nuclear threat. When Superman asks why did Luthor not just destroy the device, Luthor replies that the device is pure energy, therefore, it cannot be destroyed. The League resolves to stop the Syndicate once and for all.

The League infiltrates the Syndicate's headquarters in the moonbase, with a captured Superwoman in tow. Although the League reaches the bomb, the Syndicate discovers them and a fight breaks out, with Batman attacking Owlman, his villanous analogue. However, Owlman takes the completed bomb to an alternate universe. To follow him, Batman convinces Johnny Quick, Flash's evil counterpart, uses his speed to eventually match the temporal vibration with the vibration of his own molecules, opening another portal to the alternate universe so that Batman can engage Owlman.

Batman arrives at Earth-Prime, the source of all Earths across the multiverse. Owlman explains that his plan is to destroy Earth-Prime, therefore destroying all life in the universe, as he believes that the existence of multiple Earths render free will meaningless and nothing he does can possibly matter. During their struggle, Batman and Owlman prove to be mental equals, but Owlman is the superior fighter. Outwitting Owlman at the last second, Batman sends him and the bomb to an unhabited Earth, saving the multiverse.

As Batman returns to the Crime Syndicate Earth, Johnny Quick dies after the vibrating caused him to age rapidly. Batman had anticipated that, which is the real motive behind claiming Flash was too slow to open the portal. Also, the remaining Crime Syndicate members are arrested by the U.S. Marines, personally led by President Slade Wilson.

Afterwards, the Justice League returns to their dimension, but not before President Wilson thanks them for saving their world. At the Watchtower, Superman and Batman consider expanding the League with the heroes Batman summoned earlier to defend the Watchtower from the Syndicate.






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