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Bruce Wayne was a private detective and ex-cop, formerly a member of the Gotham City Police Department.

His parents were murdered in 1928, and their killer was never found. He then swore on their grave that he would spend his life bringing criminals to justice. He was unable to work as a police officer because of his desire to work alone in his pursuits. When he was hired to work on a slasher case of high society members being mysteriously murdered, he met and fell deeply in love with a woman named Selina Kyle. It turned out that she was under a gypsy curse, turning into a ferocious animal-like creature at every full moon and taking revenge on men who had harmed her. He could not allow her to live the rest of her life on the run, and the only way to remove the curse was for someone else to take it willingly. Bruce took the responsibility of the curse from her, turning into his own animal spirit, a magnificent bat-like creature able to control the night skies.[1]





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