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Quote1 I lost my parents when I was young. That pain made me who I am. Not sure if I know who I am without it, actually. I spent a lifetime trying to right the wrongs of the past, as if putting on a cape and fighting crime would bring my parents back. Quote2
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Batman (real name Bruce Wayne) was a quiet, bitter, and vicious vigilante who protected Gotham City in the Flashpoint timeline with his genius intellect, fighting skills, and advanced gadgets, later protecting the Earth as a member of the Justice League.


After witnessing the murder of his parents at the hands of a mugger as a child, Bruce Wayne waged a war on crime in Gotham City, which he trained himself physically and intellectually to become Gotham's protector, the vigilante known as "Batman". With the aid of his butler Alfred Pennyworth, he protected the city operating out of a cave below his manor and using bat-themed gadgets as his weapons. In his public identity, he was also a billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy, until he retired after Alfred's death and became a recluse in his manor, allowing him to fall into a deep depression.[1]

The Kryptonian Invasion

On September 30, 2013, Bruce was visited by Barry Allen, a metahuman called "The Flash" from another timeline who formerly had superhuman speed before it was accidentally transferred over to this timeline's younger Barry, who was also with him. He explained to Bruce that his timeline was the original timeline, full of metahumans and superheroes, and that when he had gone back in time to save his mother, he inadvertently created this world, an entirely new universe with no metahumans and Batman as their only hero.

When Barry pleaded for Bruce's help in stopping the impending invasion of the Kryptonian tyrant Zod that had taken place in his timeline, Bruce reluctantly agreed to become becoming Batman again and helped them locate a Kryptonian being held in Siberia, who Barry thought may be this timeline's version of the hero Superman, the one to defeat Zod in his world. Batman and the two Barrys made their way to Russia, fighting through several soldiers and guards before they found the Kryptonian, who turned out not to be Superman but Kara Zor-El, his cousin who had been sent from their home planet to protect him as an infant, but they were separated.

After they rescued Kara and returned to Wayne Manor, Bruce found himself exhilarated from the mission, realizing just how much he missed being Batman. After a talk with Bruce about how he created this world out of his love for his mother, Barry insisted he needed his speed back, and so with Kara's help, they recreated the chemical spill and lightning strike that gave him his powers, restoring his abilities. The younger Barry fashioned a super-suit out of one of Batman's Batsuits, and the quartet declared themselves the Justice League, named after the superhero team Barry was part of as the Flash in his timeline, before flying off in the Batwing to face Zod.

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Teaming up with the Barrys

Arriving in the desert where Zod and his forces had landed, the Flashes, Batman, and Kara began a long and hard battle against Zod and his armies. Batman managed to take out several of the Kryptonian ships in the Batwing, but the jet was damaged in the battle and so he called up the older Flash to say goodbye as he crashed the Batwing into Zod's mothership, sacrificing himself for the team, shortly before Kara was killed as well by Zod. Unfortunately, the mothership's forcefield wasn't penetrated by the crashing Batwing, and Batman's sacrifice was for naught.

Devastated, the two Flashes went back in time a few minutes to save their friends, with the younger Flash trying to save Kara and the older Flash trying to save Batman. The older Barry alerted Batman that his Batwing wouldn't do any damage, and so he diverted away from the mothership and continued flying, only to be attacked by the super soldier Nam-Ek. Batman and Nam-Ek engaged in a vicious and brutal fight, but in the end, though Batman knocked Nam-Ek unconscious, he was left battered and bleeding out. The older Flash ran to his side and promised he'd find a way to bring him back, but Batman was satisfied with having returned to fight evil one last time, and bled out on the desert floor.[1]


Batman left Gotham City safer than ever, and was widely regarded as a great hero across the world, even years after his retirement. In neither timeline where he died did he make a huge difference in the battle against Zod's forces, but Batman still fought bravely, and would be remembered by the Flash.

The younger Barry, however, refused to let Bruce and Kara go, running back through time again and again to save them and watching them die over and over, until he eventually aged into an elderly man, and his repeated meddling with the timeline began to destabilize the wider multiverse. Eventually, the elderly Barry was erased by a paradox, leaving the original Flash to go back in time and undo the act that saved his mother, restoring the timeline to a similar one to his original, and erasing the timeline with Kara and Batman from existence.[1]



  • Batsuit:
    Batsuit 11

    The Batsuits

    Bruce had several Batsuits inside his manor, which he used in his war on crime in Gotham City as Batman. He wears the suits to both conceal his true identity and to frighten criminals.[1]
  • Utility Belt





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