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Bruce Wayne, aka the Bat-Prince, is the bastard son of Martha Wayne, the previous queen of the Lands of El. He has recently learned that his birth father was King Jor-El, making him the half-brother of Prince Kal-El and Princess Zala Jor-El.

When the Els came to Earth, they landed in the domains of King Thomas Wayne and Queen Martha. They initially hid themselves from the world but were forced to reveal themselves to save the kingdom from a volcano. Jor-El and Lara became the Wayne's closest advisors and good friends, but in a moment of weakness Jor-El and Martha spent a single night together, a mistake that they both instantly regretted and confessed to. This almost broke up both couples, particularly when Martha became pregnant with Jor-El's child.

However when she gave birth to Bruce, Thomas, who could not father children, loved him as if he was his own son. The two families became closer than ever, and Bruce grew up with the El's children Kal-El and Zala Jor-El, unaware that he was their brother. Jor-El encouraged Thomas to pass Bruce off as his son, but honour demanded that he reveal that Bruce was bastard born and therefore ineligible for the throne. The identity of Bruce's true father was kept secret even from him. The only ones who knew the truth were the parents and the castle's Master-at-arms Alfred.[2]

Thomas and Martha were murdered by the Green Man when Bruce was a child. This gave him an intense hatred of magic and a belief that anyone with abnormal abilities, except for the Els, was a monster.[3] Jor-El urged Bruce to take the crown but he refused, so Jor-El himself reluctantly became king. Bruce deliberately acted like a humble retainer before Jor-El and Lara and was respectful but brusque with Kal-El despite the Els attempts to treat him as an equal. When he became a man, he hunted down those with "magic" who could harm the Els, assisted by Alfred and a band of orphan children known as the Robins.[4] As he grew into a warrior and leader of men some came to view him as the rightful king despite not being Thomas' natural son.[3]

Bruce was successful in apprehending many outlaws and at some point encountered Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shades.[3] In his hunts he survived fights with far stronger men when he seemingly should have been killed, and began to fear he was cursed with dark magic himself. After an encounter with a banshee, where he withstood her scream with only minor injuries despite the building they were standing in being destroyed, he privately told Jor-El his suspicions, and that he should be exiled or imprisoned for the Els' safety. Jor-El revealed to Bruce that he was his son, and his resilience came from his Kryptonian blood, not magic. However, at that moment a magic arrow fired from a great distance struck Jor-El in the eye and killed him. Bruce cradled his father's body, his eyes glowing red.[4]

With his powers seemingly unleashed by his anger, Bruce lept from the castle walls and rode hard to Hobb Forest, where he tracked down the archer and attacked him, leaping into the treetops and severing his arm with a swing of his sword. He took the assassin back to the Castle and threw him in the dungeon. At a council to decide their next move General Waller advised that they should declare war on the neighboring Kingdom of the Storms, believing that the El's enemy King Jefferson Pierce had hired the assassins, but Lara and Kal-El refused to go to war without first getting proof that Pierce was responsible. Kal-El refused to let Bruce speak, saying that this was a matter for the House of El to decide for themselves and Bruce was not one of them. Bruce blamed himself for failing to save Jor-El and did not reveal that he was his son. The El's jester Harley Quinn worried that Jor-El's death may provoke Lara and Kal-El into violent action and asked Bruce to help her prevent them making a mistake, but he refused to listen and called her a traitor.[5]

The next day Master Olsen, the El's astronomer, saw a star fall to Earth and land in the neighboring Lands of Magnus. Bruce and Alfred rode out to investigate, and along the way found a field of ash, littered with the dismembered corpses of the Metal Men. They discovered a small green crystal at the centre of the crater, which poisoned Bruce but left Alfred unaffected. Bruce believed the crystal affected him but not Alfred because he was half-Kryptonian and tried to tell Alfred who he was, but Alfred revealed that he already knew.[6] Alfred told Bruce the full story about the Waynes and the Els, including that Martha's last thoughts were of him and that she had wanted him to take the crown when the people were ready to accept him. He told Bruce to stop feeling unworthy of being Thomas and Martha's son, and that they needed to avert the war brewing between the Els and the Kingdom of Storms. Alfred ackowledged Bruce as his king and they rode back to the castle.[2]

When they returned home, Bruce went to meet privately with Kal-El, taking the crystal encased in a sheet of lead with him. He told Kal-El that he believed the falling star came from Krypton and revealed that Jor-El had told him he was Bruce's father moments before he died. Without warning, Kal-El stabbed Bruce in the chest with the crystal, then flew him into the upper atmosphere and hurled him at the ground, telling him that the world belonged to the Els and there could be no challengers to them.

Jonathan and Martha Kent found him barely alive on the side of the road and pulled the crystal from his chest. Bruce told them not to take him back to the castle and passed out so they took him to their farm, a refuge for people hiding from Jor-El's anti-magic persecution.[1] A small fragment of the rock remained in the wound and continued to poison him, making him feverish and delusional, and would eventually kill him if not removed.

Four children with powers known as the Titans were also on the farm, ironically hiding from him. One of them, a witch named Raven, was able to determine that he was dying and the Titans reluctantly decided to save his life. Raven removed the fragment and Bruce quickly recovered. When he woke up, the Titans confronted him and told him they considered letting him die for his crimes against their kind, especially since they now knew he had powers himself. After the Titans stormed out, Martha Kent told him that he needed to let go of his childhood fear of magic and learn that not everyone who was different from the norm was evil.

A Robin named Richard tracked Bruce to the farm, believing he was being held captive, and was caught by Kory, one of the Titans. When Bruce heard Richard call the Titans "demons" he realised that he had been ungrateful and cruel to the Titans and attempted to apologise, but the farm was attacked by Ra's al Ghul, who was hunting the Titans. Bruce, the Titans, Richard and the Kents drove off Ra's and his undead assassins, with Bruce using his Kryptonian powers to defeat Ra's alter-ego the demon Etrigan. As the League of Shades retreated, Talia told him he could not protect the children while fighting a war, and Richard revealed that King Jefferson was dead and the Kingdom of the Storms and their Amazon allies had declared war on the Lands of El. Richard told Bruce they needed to return to the palace immediately but Bruce refused, saying he did not belong there.

Jonathan Kent told Bruce that he may be the only one who could prevent the war, and he needed to go back to the castle.[3]






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