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Quote1 For years I've watched you and the others pick at Gotham's corpse. Time to scatter the vultures now. Quote2
Bruce Wayne src

Batman the Silenced was a twisted version of Batman.

Bruce Wayne was the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne and when he was a child, was once best friends with Thomas Elliot. When the Elliots and Waynes went to watch "The Mask of Zorro" with their respective sons, both Thomas and Martha were shot dead by a mugger, devastating young Bruce. The Elliots later chose to take Bruce in as one of their own instead of the Wayne's butler, Alfred Pennyworth but soon came to the realization that they could not help Bruce who was growing increasingly unstable due to the trauma caused by his parents being murdered. As such, Bruce was later declared mentally unfit and eventually admitted to a mental asylum with Tommy Elliot gaining control of Wayne Industries.

Once he became a Senator, Tommy had Bruce transferred to Arkham Asylum where he allowed its head, Jonathan Crane to perform experiments on Bruce with Tommy regularly visiting Bruce as well. During his time at Arkham, Bruce learned with Alfred's help the truth behind his parents's murder. The two also planted Jack Napier as their mole in Arkham and Napier also helped Bruce gain access to people who could help him avenge them. During his tenure in Arkham, Bruce learnt criminal psychology and how to fake a worsening psychosis from Amadeus Arkham, disguise, spycraft and all things lockpicking from disgraced spy Nick Mason, unarmed combat from legendary martial artist-turned-murdered Delores Maddigan, how to kill to leave a message or without leaving a trace courtesy of mob assassin Sal "Buckets" Barrusco, how to escape courtesy of Casey Callahan, a notorious cat burglar and escape artist who had escaped federal prison more than two hundred times and the art of detection, poison, surveillance and much more from Gideon Crowe, the infamous Scotland Yard Detective turned serial killer.

Having eventually gained a lot during his training, Bruce then chose to fake his death with the process going just as he had planned due to Tommy and Dr. Crane suspecting that he had truly died. In actuality, when Bruce himself was finally ready, Naper gave Bruce the drugs and autopsy scars necessary for Bruce to finally escape Arkham and learn what had really happened to his parents all those years ago. Bruce later donned a new costume and now calling himself "Batman: The Silenced", embarked on a campaign to reclaim what had been taken from him. He secretly invaded Arkham and then attacked Dr. Crane, presumably killing the other man. He then sat on a statue on a building with his appearance although brief being witnessed by Tommy who seemed shocked before the helicopter was shot down by a missile.

Later, in the warehouse as Tommy now accompanied by Richard Grayson met Jason Todd, they were ambushed by Batman: The Silenced who threw a grenade into the area before he made himself known. After killing most of the League assassins, Bruce then fought both Jason and Richard, giving Tommy a chance to escape. Later as Richard and Tommy were arguing, Bruce in a surprise attack appeared from underneath the wooden ground, dragging both men down into a chamber where various people were held in cages. After Tommy had a reunion with Alfred, Bruce appeared from the shadows and struck. He then informed Tommy that he knew what the other man had done all those years ago with Bruce noting that everyone but them were dead. Having saved Tommy from falling to his death, Bruce then revealed that for years he had watched as Tommy and the others picked at Gotham's corpse and that it was now time to scatter the vultures. When Tommy pleaded, Bruce said that he had forgotten what day it was and soon Tommy would too.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Bruce descended into madness following his parents' murders, becoming increasingly unstable to the point that he had to be committed to a mental asylum.


  • Batman the Silenced represents Bruce's fear of descending into madness due to his parents' deaths.