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B-Rex is an evil incarnation of Bruce Wayne from a Dark Multiverse reality where he transferred his consciousness into his robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

When Bruce Wayne was buried beneath the debris from the collapse of his Batcave, he pushed himself to upload his consciousness into his mechanical T-Rex despite his arms being paralyzed. The upload was successful but he came to think his long fight against crime had been useless, since he had wasted time on capturing the super-villains alive. Deciding to assault Arkham Asylum, he tore through the staff and the inmates using his new body.[1]

He was recruited by The Batman Who Laughs into the Dark Knights alongside other evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse and participated in the invasion of the Multiverse above when Perpetua started taking over it. He was sent alongside Batmage and Beyonder to Hell in order to deliver their newest prisoner Wally West to Wonder Woman, and took him into the Tartarus pits. When Diana went into the pits to talk with the prisoner, he and Beyonder took down Swamp Thing who was guarding the exit, so Laughs could confront her.[2]

After Laughs was killed by Wonder Woman, B-Rex and his fellow evil Batmen got to work reviving him alongside the evil Alfred, placing his brain into the body of the Final Bruce Wayne. B-Rex believed that he still was lobotomized when he gained consciousness, but was disintegrated by him as he didn't need him anymore.[3]

Later, the B-Rex was resurrected by the new incarnation of the One who Laughs, the Darkest Knight, to fight, along with the other Dark Multiverse's survivors and the villains from the Last 52 Multiverse, against the Earth 0's resistence in the final battle between good and evil. During the clash, the B-Rex and the also-resurrected Batmage faced the undead villain, Solomon Grundy who had enough strength to stop the dinosaur Knight from mauling him.[4]


Other Characteristics

  • Restricted Reach: B-Rex's arms were proportionally small compared to his gigantic body, which made it difficult for him to use or throw objects with his hands.[2]

  • B-Rex represents Batman's fear of becoming increasingly unable to adapt, and eventually obsolete, in his fight against crime.
  • It is unknown if the B-Rex vanished from the existence after the Multiverse's restoration[4] or if he is alive somewhere in the Dark Multiverse.



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