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Quote1 Now, the Batman of two lifetimes will be unstoppable...! Quote2
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This Bruce Wayne comes from a Dark Multiverse reality where he saved his mind into the Cyberspace after his death and downloaded it into the artificial body of an infant, becoming a Baby Batman.

Early history

In the Dark Multiverse, this version of Bruce Wayne planned to revive himself upon his death so he genetically engineered a new body for a second lifetime, believing to be unstoppable having lived two times as a Batman.

During his career as Batman, he fought various supervillains like Joker, Riddler, Two-Face and Scarecrow.

Later in his lifetime, when he finally died, he made his mind be stored into the Cyberspace and it was immediately downloaded it into the new body he had kept in the Batcave. However, much to his horror, he discovered that the body he had prepared was a baby: he was disappointed by the unfortunate event, stating to have too many weaknesses that his enemies could use against him, but, declaring himself to be the Guardian of Gotham and the Terror of the Underworld, he continued his life as Batman.[1]

Invasion of the Multiverse

Baby Bruce was later recruited by the Batman who Laughs, who was allowed to conquer Earth 0 by the Mother of the Multiverse Perpetua, to be part of his second group of the Dark Knights.

He was tasked to lead the Rainbow Batman Corps, a team of Batman from the Dark Multiverse that possessed different Lantern rings, and was sent by Perpetua to destroy the Justice Incarnate and the Green Lanterns of Earth 0.

On Earth 10, Baby Batman faced Guy Gardner of Earth 0, Captain Carrot and Kid Flash of Earth 22 who had just defeated Overman and the PlaSStic Men and attacked them with energy rays from his suit.

Later, after the betrayal of Owlman, Baby Batman reached Earth 3 to punish him, affirming that his Corps had just taken back the towers in the worlds they were saving. Mocking his positive Multiverse counterpart for having chosen the wrong side, he was taken by surprise as Owlman, knowing that his existence will always be secured by the Multiverse's rebirth, blew apart the other worlds' Tuning forks that were super-charging Perpetua.

Enraged about what happened, Baby Batman assaulted his counterpart who told him about his ensured survival, also stating to him to be the real dark reflection of Batman and the only one between them to be really remembered. Baby Batman was desperate, affirming to be just an infant, as he died from Owlman blowing up the Earth 3's Tuning fork and themselves with it.[2]




  • Jetpack

  • While waiting to be reborn, Bruce's consciousness stated he had been betrayed, plotting his revenge to be taken in his second lifetime. It is unknown if this betrayal is related to his first death and the circumstances this happened.[1]
  • He appears to be a reference to the notorious Silver Age story "Batman Becomes Bat-Baby" in which Batman is transformed into a toddler.