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Quote1 For thirty years, you've forced me to watch as you perverted my life's work. My name. But... you weren't wrong before, Jean-Paul. You did keep this city standing. You started her down her new path. And the biggest truth is, my biggest mistake was the same as yours -- relying on anyone but myself. And now, thankfully... I'll never have to again. Gotham is mine... and I am hers. Quote2
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The Broken is a dark reflection of Batman. When his back was broken by Bane, this Bruce Wayne actively opposed his successor, Azrael.

Batman attempted to defeat Azrael, who had donned the Batman identity for himself and used it to commit extreme acts of violence in his name. However, unlike in the main world where Batman was successful in defeating Valley, the Batman of this world failed and Azrael renamed himself to Saint Batman and became the ruler of Gotham City. Bruce was then vivisected as a method of torture, and was forced to spend the next thirty years watching what Jean-Paul was doing to Gotham. He was freed by the Son of Bane and his mother, Lady Shiva who wanted revenge for when Jean-Paul killed Bane. They used nano technology and small robotic bats to heal Bruce and make him a cyborg. Together, they attacked Jean-Paul and his immediate subordinates, Cardinal and Torchbearer. Batman then changed his attitude and killed both of them. Meanwhile, Lady Shiva and the Son of Bane defeated Saint Batman and decided it was time to finally restore the city. However, Batman, claiming he had learned that there was no saving for Gotham while Azrael broke him, killed them. He then became the new ruler of Gotham and hung Saint Batman's corpse on a bat symbol.


  • Nanite Physiology: After his body had been ruined and disassembled by the usurper of his mantel, Batman the Broken had been rebuilt using a special nano-technological bionic surrogacy, which turned him into a swarm of billions to trillions of microscopic apparati which can carry and store the consciousnesses of others.
    • Disintegration: The microbots of the Broken can tear through and decompile living people at an atomic level, reducing them to particle mist than nothing at all in moments.
    • Quintessence Storage: Bruce can record the essential souls self of those whom he swarms over onto the memory banks of his nanites. Imprisoning them forever after extinguishing their bodies without smothering their lives.
    • Flight: Being comprised of countless nanobots, Batman the Broken can soar through the night sky like a cloud vapor.
    • Electro-Blast: The insignia on his chest enables Bruce to deliver debilitating electrostatic shock at close range.
    • Scattering: As his new body is solely comprised of microscopic robots, The Broken can simply discorporeat his bipedal form back into their myriad composition in order to avoid physical damage.


Other Characteristics

  • He is based on the fear of Bruce Wayne failing to take back the Batman mantle.



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