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Quote1 The deadliest man alive. He's us if Joe Chill dropped the gun in the alley and we picked it up. Quote2
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The Grim Knight was an alternate version of Batman who started using guns, ever since shooting Joe Chill who murdered his parents. He was an enemy to Batman as he often allied himself with the Batman Who Laughs.


Bruce Wayne's life follows much of the same path of his Prime Earth counterpart, until the murder of his parents. On his earth, Joe Chill dropped his gun to search for Martha's pearls, and Bruce, in his grief, used the opportunity to pick up the gun and shoot him to death.

He would spend the next several years of his life to travel around the world, learning ways to fight and kill from assassins and mercenaries he came across. Realizing he needed a symbol to strike terror into the hearts of these criminals, he was inspired by a bat who he shot after it broke through his window to become the Batman. He stored weapon arsenals all over Gotham City to wage his war on crime.

Within his first year as the masked crusader, he attacked a party attended by the corrupt rich of Gotham who protected the criminal elements of the city and burned them all alive. Following that, the city erupted into chaos and he quickly killed several prominent crime bosses to instill order, including Carmine Falcone, Tony Zucco, Oswald Cobblepot, Roman Sionis, and Waylon Jones. He also killed the Red Hood at Ace Chemical Processing Plant, ridding his world of a possible Joker.

However, this gained the attention of GCPD Lieutenant Jim Gordon, who thought that Batman had crossed a line in his war on crime. Building a Bat-Signal with a concealed magnet within, he managed to trap the Knight and had the police raid his concealed arsenals. Unfortunately, Gordon had used Wayne Enterprises technology to set up his plan, which Bruce used to disable the magnet, kill Gordon's men on the roof and explode the fake arsenals, to kill GCPD cops he viewed as corrupt.

He tied up Gordon and made him watch as he crashed two highly explosive blimps into both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary, killing every criminal in the city. He would then scar Mayor Harvey Dent through radiation in order to get him to allow Wayne Enterprises tech to be planted throughout Gotham to begin a mass-surveillance of the entire city and take control of anything to wage his war without needing to be there.

He killed a mugger with an automated gun, drove a child predator's car off a bridge, and caused a corrupt judge's medical implants to fail him. Gotham thus had become a much safer place under Batman's ruthless surveillance. His butler Alfred Pennyworth, who had grown disgusted with his methods, left him, despite having an implant in his neck installed by Bruce that could kill him as well. Bruce allowed him to walk away and turned his attention to Gordon, who hadn't been seen in the last six weeks. His show of force had however allowed Gordon to realize that Bruce was Batman.

Jim convinced Mayor Dent to allow the authorities to raid Wayne's home. With the aid of the FBI, he disabled the bugs and Bat-sentries Bruce had planted throughout Gotham using the kill-codes Alfred had given him. Gordon then proceeded to subdue and arrest Bruce after he pulled a gun on him.[1]

The Batman Who Laughs

Having been recruited by The Batman Who Laughs, The Grim Knight served as his second in command and followed his plan to infect the Prime universe. Arriving at Arkham Asylum, the guards assume he is the original Batman and are immediately killed; when Mr. Freeze comments that Batman is acting more brutal than before, The Grim Knight burns him alive. Arriving at the Joker's cell, the Grim Knight smiles at the thought of killing the Clown Prince of Crime but steps aside and allows the Batman Who Laughs to do it instead.

As the Batman Who Laughs infiltrates Wayne Tower, the Grim Knight takes up a sniper's position across the street and shoots Batman as he fights Laughs. After cornering Commissioner Gordon and his son James, the Grim Knight encounters Batman himself in a standoff. Mocking his Prime counterpart, the Grim Knight is momentarily strung up and snagged by a passing train; he quickly frees himself and corners the three using a fleet of moving trucks. Having placed a bomb on a plane full of passengers flying overhead, he threatens to blow it up unless Commissioner Gordon is handed over to him.

The Grim Knight meets back up with the Batman Who Laughs in his lair; after being tasked to kill Gordon after using him to initiate the 'Last Laugh' plan, the Grim Knight refuses to and reveals to Gordon that on his world, he was the only part of Gotham he was not able to control. Having been hunted down by Commissioner Gordon on his world, the Grim Knight decides to hunt Gordon down ; mentioning he has 'special hounds' for this hunt, Bruce gives Gordon a head start before unleashing a pack of Robins to hunt him down.

After cornering Gordon, the Grim Knight reveals that these Robins were all versions of his son James. Pulling out a large knife that the GCPD made for Gordon on his world, the Grim Knight laughs as Gordon dives into a nearby river current to get away and sends the Robins to track him down once more.

Having infiltrated the Batcave, the Grim Knight dispatches all the defense and is cornered by both Commissioner Gordon and James. Using Gordon's own words to sway James to his side, the Grim Knight soon gets the upper hand and begins choking Gordon. Dumping a vial of toxin into the water, the Grim Knight divulges part of the Batman Who Laughs' plan to infect everyone via the water supply and begins drowning Gordon. Mocking Gordon's efforts to not drink the infected water, the Grim Knight instructs James to stab his father; however, James instead stabs the Grim Knight in the shoulder several times before he is stopped by his father. The Grim Knight fell unconscious due to the severity of his wounds.[2]

Dark Nights: Death Metal

During Perpetua's invasion of the Multiverse Grim Knight returned alongside other nightmare Batmen, keeping guard over Castle Bat and setting up multiple tripwires.[3]




  • Various Weapons: The Grim Knight carries a variety of firearms, ordinance, and close-quarters weapons on his person. Amongst his extensive arsenal are rifles, semi-automatic pistols, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, carbines, grenades, swords, combat knives, and throwing knives.[5]

  • He is based on the fear of Bruce Wayne using guns as a primary weapon
    • This is also based on what Batman used in his first few stories back in the Golden Age.
  • The Grim Knight's backstory as a killer of Joe Chill, primary use of firearms, and extreme actions against criminals and later the police bear a great resemblance to an earlier alternate version of Batman known as Paladin.



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