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Batman (real name Bruce Wayne) is a vengeful and resourceful superhero and vigilante protecting Gotham City. Aided by his butler Alfred and motivated by the death of his parents, he fights crime in his city, and was instrumental in taking down Mayor Cobblepot, the Riddler, and Two-Face.

Early life

Bruce Wayne was born in Gotham City to Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Arkham. Bruce had a very normal life until his parents were murdered by a mugger and he was left in the care of his guardian and ex-royal marine Alfred Pennyworth who trained him to avenge his parents. During his teenage years he befriended Jessica Dent and her twin brother Harvey Dent. At some unknown point when Bruce was a teenager he attempted to enter his parents tomb, but ended up being chased away by bats. He ran in till he ended up in a storage area that contained multiple items owned by Alfred, which held an ancient armor covered in bat insignias.

Becoming Batman

After many years of training from Alfred, Bruce begins his investigation by trying to catch the police detective Jacob Weaver who was first on the scene of Bruce's parents murders and who had his fathers lighter that Bruce gave to him on Christmas. Bruce puts on his bat costume and chases Weaver onto the roof tops, but looses him after his grapple gun malfunctions causing him to fall into a heap of garbage. Discouraged, he gives some money to a homeless woman and drives back.

At the mansion, he is confronted by Alfred, who berates him for taking up the crusade until Bruce tells him about Jacob Weaver. Bruce however rejects Alfred's advice of a gun, instead opting to visit Lucius Fox to fix up the grapnel gun on the pretext of mountain climbing. Later on, Bruce arrives at the Mayor's 300th anniversary of Gotham party, briefly insulting Harvey Bullock, before heading to the roof to interrogate Weaver. This fails, as several other officers are smoking on the roof, and take him by surprise. Batman soon gets into a melee with the cops, even punching James Gordon in the nose, before being winged by a bullet off of the roof. Though he manages to use the grapnel gun to avoid death, he loses the lighter from Weaver, and crashes into the Mayor's party, escaping bloodied and battered to the limo with Alfred.

Bruce spends the next day in bandages, and when walking to the kitchen found the lighter. Alfred appears, and explains he found it in the alley, as well as telling Bruce he needs to stop the crusade after the party events went wrong. They soon fight, which ends with Bruce kicking out Alfred's prosthetic leg from under him, and going on without him the next night in a newer Batsuit to interrogate Weaver again, only to find Weaver already dead at his apartment, with police already there. Batman makes his way into the apartment and finds foot tracks of rust, and remembering that the dirt around Arkham was red from dust, set out for the manor.

Breaking into the manor and its chained gates, Batman soon rushes in after hearing cries for help. Soon, he runs into James Gordon, who gets in a short fight with Batman, thinking he was the one who kidnapped Gordon's daughter. They both hear Barbara's screams and run toward them, and Batman busts through a weakened wood wall seconds before the Birthday Boy was about to kill her. Batman and Birthday Boy fight, with Gordon shooting Boy in the shoulder before the two crash through a floorboard onto the first floor. There, the two continue fighting until Gordon's partner Harvey Bullock, in an attempt to restrain Birthday Boy, leaps at him, only to get slammed into the basement full of Birthday Boy's victim's corpses. Batman is finally able to bring down Birthday Boy with his cape as a suffocator, and helps Detective Bullock out of the basement.

Following these events, Batman heads to Mayor Cobblepot's residence, fighting his way through the guards, and finally attacks Cobblepot. Cobblepot manages to stab him with a knife-tipped umbrella and unmask the Batman, beginning to talk about how indeed he wanted the Waynes dead, and that Weaver cut the power to the theater, but some random vagrant killed them. However, Alfred arrived, and blasts the mayor out the window with a shotgun, then helps Bruce to escape.

Alfred and Bruce talk, Alfred saying he can put away the costume now, and Bruce saying he's now alone. Alfred then counters that he was never alone, and that he can still fix the city. For that, they opt to build a better Batman than before. Batman is last seen foiling a liquor store robbery.[1]

Rise of the Riddler

Six months later, after losing track of one of the drug dealers he fought during a car chase, Batman has the newly promoted Lucius Fox, now head of Wayne Enterprises' Research and Development Department, build him a custom-made race car. Prior to Batman's first appearance, there were numerous sightings of "Killer Croc," who was lurking in Gotham's sewers.

Jessica Dent comes to Wayne Manor to visit Bruce, in the hopes that, as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, he could help her find five of the remaining members of Oswald Cobblepott's criminal organization within the city's legislature. Despite Cobblepott's death, his criminal empire is remains active because of these five members. The corrupt officials have taken over the city's police department, housing commission, public works, city council and the state court. With her brother, Jessica is desperate to find the officials in order to destroy Cobblepott's legacy once and for all. Batman seeks Detective Gordon's help in uncovering the identities of these corrupt officials.

After a bombing, Batman chases the Riddler who is challenging him. Batman falls off a balcony and meets an attractive woman in her apartment after she tends his injuries.

Seeing Gordon's excellence as a detective, Batman asks Gordon to train him in forensics and deduction. As they track their murderous suspect to the sewers, Batman encounters Waylon Jones, a benign but mutated man whom the media dubbed "Killer Croc," is seeking refuge underground out of fear of society's discrimination over his genetic disorder. With Jones' help, Batman discovers the Riddler's hideout; however, Batman fails to stop him from bombing a rapid transit train. Using discovered clues, Batman deduces that these killings were not random; they were actually targeted in order to hide the murder of prospective rivals for the Cobblepot criminal empire, with the other casualties being a means to cover them up. Batman leaves Gordon an encrypted cellphone for the detective to contact him, calling it his Bat-Signal.

Jessica reveals to Bruce that she knows he is Batman. With new information from Gordon, Bruce discovers that the Riddler is targeting the people who Jessica and her brother are trying to find. Bruce is later accused of being the Riddler after the real Riddler frames him in an attempt to divert Gordon's investigation, but Jessica is able to provide Bruce an alibi so he is not arrested. During a riot at the police precinct caused by the Riddler, Harvey Dent is disfigured and wounded by Cobblepott's former henchman Sal Maroni, dying of burn damage to an entire side of his body and face from a Molotov cocktail smashed into him. Jessica, in her grief, scars the right side of her face to match her brother's by pressing her face against his. After chasing the Riddler (and with Waylon Jones' help) Batman subdues the Riddler and Maroni.

After he is cleared of all charges, Bruce generously writes a check to help the city's police department rebuild their precinct. Bullock begins to recover from his alcoholism. Batman offers Jones a place in Wayne Manor seeking his help in finding a location to hide his "Batmobile."[2]

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  • Acrobatics: After a long time spent fighting the criminals, Batman became a good Free Runner and Parkourist. He developed his skills enough to move and climb every building in Gotham. He was probably trained in basic military free-running techniques by Alfred.
  • Peak Human Condition
  • Intimidation
  • Interrogation
  • Investigation: Though initially relatively untrained, Batman was trained more in criminal investigation by James Gordon at Batman's request.[2]
  • Martial Arts: Batman was an expert martial artist, trained in martial arts by Alfred Pennyworth. His fighting style seems to comprise of Boxing, Wing Chun, Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing and Kung Fu.
  • Stealth: Batman is an expert in stealth and camouflage. He uses his skills to move silently through the streets of Gotham. It is possible that Bruce was trained in the art of camouflage by Alfred.
  • Driving






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