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Batman is a vigilante who started working alongside his son, Batman, Jr.

Bruce Wayne was a wealthy socialite from Gotham City. After his parents were murdered, he dedicated his life to fight crime as Batman. His life mirrored that of his Earth-One counterpart, with the exception that he eventually got married to Kathy Kane and together they had a son, which they named Bruce Wayne, Jr.


Kal-El, Jr. was Superman's son and his powers eventually became dangerous to Bruce Jr. When Kathy told Bruce Jr, to stay away from Kal Jr, Lois did the same and the kids were separated. As Bruce Jr. was left with nobody to play, Bruce started to teach him some heroic feats from his past, to try and make a better hero of him. However, Kal Jr. and Bruce Jr. managed to run away from their homes and their parents started a desperate search for them.

Superman teamed up with Batman in order to locate their kids. When they were found, Lois and Kathy realized their mistakes and they allowed their kids to be friends again.[1]

Years later, when Bruce Jr, became a young kid, he started misbehaving and often created troubles for Batman and his friend, Superman. After the elder heroes were endangered by their sons' behavior, they learned that they have been dealing with Mxyzptlk, Jr. and Bat-Mite, Jr., who posed as their kids to give the heroes a hard time.[2]

Super Sons

Years passed and Bruce Jr. tried to follow his father's steps and tried to fight crime disguised as Batman. However, Bruce Jr. made mistakes that forced his father, Bruce to scold him. In a burst of teenage rebellion, Bruce Jr. left home, but Bruce had a close eye on him thanks to some tracking devices. With these, he learned that Bruce Jr. and his best friend, Clark Kent, Jr. had started a superhero team known as Super Sons. Batman and Superman decided to help their young kids and allowed to work together to bring down a crime lord in Sparta City and they succeeded.[3]