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Quote1.png And holding his own in the eye of this storm is the vigilante. The so-called Batman. Like I said a thousand times, only in Gotham City. But I will admit this--The nancy outfit aside, this guy fought like the Devil himself. Quote2.png
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Bruce Wayne is the vigilante Batman. As a normal man with nothing but his own fists and wits, he tries to adapt to a world where many of the new heroes and villains have super powers.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne became the Batman after being driven to fight crime after witnessing the murder of his parents by a mugger as a young boy. As Batman, he operated in Gotham City and was under the scrutiny of the American Government after Congress forbids freelance vigilantism during the early 1950's. However, Batman remains one of the most prominent vigilantes, disobeying the government's law, thus making him an outlaw. This attracted President Dwight D. Eisenhower to command Superman to arrest him. Fortunately, Bruce Wayne overheard the government's intentions while hosting his yacht as the base of intel operations for Superman and King Faraday docked near Paradise Island. Batman was prepared to combating Superman, which include enlisting the aid of Selina Kyle (who knew his identity) in stealing a piece of Kryptonite from Lex Luthor.

Batman and Superman took their battle all the way to the Batcave, where they meet a standstill until Wonder Woman stopped them. She reasoned the two that the three of them are the only heroes that could make a difference in the world and are being clearly forced to fight each other to the death. Batman listened to Diana's advice and proves his trust to Superman and Wonder Woman by revealing his secret identity. The three then worked out in keeping the government from interfering Batman by staging a mock, realistic fight between him and Superman in front of many citizens in Gotham City, in which Batman "defeats" Superman.[1]

Batman (in his new costume), Robin and Superman meeting outside of Gotham City.

In 1957, Batman stopped a cult that worshiped a being known as The Centre from sacrificing a young boy. Unexpectedly he was helped by GCPD Detectives John Jones and Slam Bradley. After defeating the cult leader and scaring away the remaining conscious members, Batman see to the boy, but his appearance terrified the child. He then left the scene, but continued to investigate the Centre cult.[2]

Batman later confronted John Jones in his own apartment, telling him what he knows about the cult and giving Jones the cult's talisman for his research. Before leaving, Batman told Jones that he knows his secret as a Martian and his weakness to fire, should he ever betrays him.[3] When Jones had gave up hope on humanity and plans to leave Earth, Batman was called to him on the rooftop of the Gotham City Police Department where Jones told him that he can have all the research and information he had on the Centre. After viewing Jones' research, Batman contacted Superman to meet him and as well sending him a children book that eerily details the origins of the Centre and its intentions.[4]

Sometime later, Batman changed his costume to be more less frighteningly to the innocents, but put terror on criminals, and recruited Richard Grayson as his protege, Robin. He and the Boy Wonder met Superman on the outskirts of Gotham where Batman and Superman confides on the Centre. Batman decided in having Superman to bear the burden of facing the Centre as he knows that it is beyond him to face an all powerful, supernatural threat.[5]




  • Batman's name is sometimes spelled Bat-Man in newspapers.



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