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Quote1.png More than anyone in the world, when you scratch everything else away from Batman, you're left with someone who doesn't want to see anybody die. Quote2.png
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In his old age, Batman used proxies to fight crime. He himself stayed mostly confined to the Batcave. He headed the Silent Cavalry as a counterpart to Superman's Justice League.

After his parents were killed by a street robber, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to becoming a daredevil vigilante. After years of training and discipline he fashioned himself as Batman. In this role he defended the people of Gotham City from crime and injustice for many years. He served his universe with pride in this capacity, becoming a friend of Superman and Wonder Woman in the process.

After Superman retired, Batman became disenchanted with the new breed of heroes that sprung up in his absence. Additionally, after years of physical abuse brought on by the physical demands of crime-fighting Bruce had to resort to having an exo-skeleton surgically joined to his body to maintain his physical movement and agility. By one account, this process was custom designed for Bruce and requires extensive rehabilitation. In the following years, the Batman's identity became public knowledge. After this, Two-Face and Bane, who had found out who Batman really was destroyed the whole of Wayne Manor and all the trappings that were part of it.

Bruce retreated to the Batcave as he built his life there; not bothering to restore the house above. Bruce, apparently, still possessed vast monetary resources as he was able to build and maintain a set of Batman-themed robots to protect Gotham. Additionally, Bruce still employed numerous people in various business entities who constructed his new state of the art battle-suit and the equipment that his team of metahumans used. Also by this time many of Batman's rogue gallery have been completely eliminated by the new heroes, particularly by the one called Genosyde who blown up Arkham Asylum, Belle Reve, and Blackgate Penitentiary, in which Batman admitted that he doesn't have to worry about his past enemies.

When Superman came out of retirement with a more "proactive" stance, Batman opposed him and his Justice League, uniting the more idealistic members of his Earth's second generation of heroes. Batman gathered his own group of superhuman agents to work against the forces of Superman. He and his team went undercover; pretending to ally themselves with Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front. This was done so Bruce could discover Lex's plans.[1] He survived the United Nations attack on the superheroes. After these events, Bruce turned his home into a hospital for the survivors of the bomb and used Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front members as hospital staff. In doing so, Bruce had to use inhibitor collars to keep the more dangerous inmates such as Lex Luthor in line. He also turned down the government's offer of subsidies to renovate the manor and used his own resources. After the metahumans formed their own community, he remained actively involved in working with and training the younger heroes.[2]

Bruce eventually became the godfather to at least one of the children of Superman and Wonder Woman. Bruce would live for another twenty more years, in which his funeral will be very well attended by a large array of his family, friends, colleagues, and admirers.[3]


Bruce Wayne trained for years to become a master martial artist, detective, and criminologist. Since he broke his back, he has used his skills with computers and electronic to construct a set of robotic drones who follow his instructions. In theory Batman can still fight, but he requires a high-tech back brace.

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