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When Bruce Wayne needed inspiration to fight crime, he was given a Green Lantern Ring. From then on, he was Green Lantern.

Much like the Batman of New Earth, young Bruce Wayne was traumatized by the sight of his parents being killed by Joe Chill, and spent years training himself to fight crime. His first night out went badly as it led to a fight against Selina Kyle and Bruce nearly getting killed.

After Bruce Wayne's disastrous first attempt at crimefighting, while he sat in his study, wounded, he pleaded with his father for some means by which to terrify the criminals of Gotham City. Suddenly, a ghostly image comes from a bust before him, telling him that he has been chosen. At first, Bruce assumed that he is delirious from blood loss, but the figure healed his wounds and led him to a crashed rocket on his property. Inside, the dying Green Lantern Abin Sur gave Bruce his power ring and told him to wait for contact from its masters. Bruce hid the rocket in the cave beneath his mansion and begins his crimefighting career as Green Lantern.

His first mission was a botched robbery at a chemical plant, overseen by the criminal the Red Hood. Using a combination of his powers and skills, Bruce managed to subdue the criminals and turned them over to Commissioner James Gordon. As Green Lantern flies off, Gordon told district attorney Harvey Dent that he mistrusts vigilantes, especially those with that much power. Shortly afterwards, the Guardians of the Universe gave Bruce his official first mission: stop the errant, power-hungry Sinestro, who abused his Green Lantern ring for personal gain. Bruce managed to subdue Sinestro, leaving the people he once dominated despondent. When one of them, Katma Tui, said that Bruce was their hero, he gave her Sinestro's power ring before returning to Oa. Sinestro swore vengeance on Bruce before he was banished to Qward.

Back on Earth, Bruce went to Gordon and asked for help in figuring out the identity of his parents' killer (without divulging his identity). Initially refusing, Gordon later sets out to work and has almost found the answer when Sinestro appeared, bearing a yellow power ring from the Weaponers of Qward. He stole the information and killed Gordon, then sets off. Sinestro finds Joe Chill and uses his power ring to absorb the man's mind. When Bruce shows up to investigate, he is ambushed by Sinestro, who exhibits dual personalities thanks to Chill's mind. Bruce manages to drive the criminal off, which leads Sinestro to acquire allies on Earth.

Days later, Bruce had an encounter with two criminals, one of whom is a super-powered and mind-altered Harvey Dent. The other is Selina Kyle. Though he defeated them, the pair escapes back to Sinestro, who watched as Bruce set up a system of observer satellites in orbit. During his absence, Sinestro had been causing chaos on other planets in the sector, causing the Guardians to question Bruce's role as a Lantern. However, he refused to give up his ring, leading the Guardians to contact three other worthy candidates on Earth to also become Green Lanterns: Clark Kent, Hippolyta and Barry Allen.

Some time later, Bruce was patrolling the city when the four Lanterns, including Katma Tui, attacked him and attempted to restrain him. Taking advantage of his distraction, Sinestro led his forces to attack Bruce's cave, injuring Alfred in the process, and began tampering with the power battery when the three new Green Lanterns appeared and battled the villains. Bruce was subdued but sensed that Alfred was in danger and regained his ring as it responds to his will. Rushing home, he finds that Alfred is dead and that Sinestro has escaped. The three Lanterns beg him to stay and teach them, but Bruce refused, asking them to protect the Earth while he hunts down Sinestro.

Countdown: Arena

Bruce was later abducted by the former Captain Atom, now known as Monarch, and forced to fight in his selection process to determine the most powerful of the 52 Multiverse super-powered beings. When the time came for Bruce and the other Green Lanterns, the Hal Jordans of Earth-12 and Earth-5, he commanded the Jordans to follow his lead in defeating Monarch once they are in the arena. Though Hal Jordan saw Bruce as being too commanding (the Earth-5 Jordan even called Bruce the "Darkest Night" for his rough personality), they obliged and followed his plan in fighting Monarch.

However, Monarch proved too powerful for the Lanterns and Hal Jordan lost his left hand in the process. Bruce turned off his ring's safeties in order to throw one powerful blast at Monarch's face. The blast destroyed the face-plate, but compromised Monarch's containment suit, resulting in a massive explosion which killed the Earth-5 Green Lantern and rendered Bruce and the other Hal Jordan unconscious. Technically, Bruce lost the fight when Hal Jordan (Earth-12) was the first to regain consciousness.

Bruce later remained captive in Monarch's stasis prison cell along with the other fighters who lost and survived in the previous and later rounds. After the defeat of the Captain Atom Brigade, Bruce and his fellow captors were freed by Superman (Earth-31) and was presumably returned to his home reality.




  • The first story page (in which a wounded Bruce pondered how to make criminals afraid of him), and later Green Lantern's mention of encountering Selina Kyle/Star Sapphire before, both make reference to the first chapter of Batman: Year One, implying that the Earth-32 Bruce had a history similar to New Earth Bruce Wayne up until Abin Sur arrived.



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