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After witnessing the death of his parents as a young boy, Bruce Wayne became The Bat and served the American government along with other masked heroes during the Second World War. Following the end of the conflict, The Bat fought crime in Gotham City.

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Countdown: Arena

The Bat was forcefully drafted by Monarch into becoming one of his chosen strike team in his war against the Monitors. The Bat was forced to fight his two alternate counterparts, Batman of Earth-19 and the Vampire Batman of Earth-43. Once in Monarch's Arena, The Bat and Batman-19 fought together against the Vampire Batman. Though the two had the vampire close to death, Batman-43 avoided this by dissipating into smoke. After this The Bat then fought his nineteenth century counterpart. When the Vampire Batman returned and was about to bite Batman-19, The Bat quickly took down Batman-19 in order to save him and ultimately have himself bitten, and was killed.[1] After the Vampire had won his place in Monarch's strike force and after the Green Lanterns were defeated, The Bat's body was placed in Monarch's interdimensional stasis chamber ( in his satellite) and was about to be disposed of by Monarch's disposal crew. However, The Bat returned to life, and having fully turned into a vampire, attacked and killed the disposal crew.[2] He then traveled back to the other superpowered prisoners and he and the Superman of Earth-30 were able to deduce that Monarch was Captain Atom.

The Bat then planned an assault against Monarch by having Breach utilize Ted Kord's interdimensional harness to recruit every alternate version of Captain Atom across the Multiverse, and bringing along Quantum-Storm and Captain Atom of Earth-38 to rescue the other prisoners in the satellite's stasis chamber.[3]

However, the three encountered massive numbers of Monarch's soldiers and were nearly swamped by them. At this moment Monarch appeared to them and announced that he planned on preventing a prison break from the start and killed The Bat right before fully divulging to Captain Atom and Quantum-Storm his prevention plan of Breach being brainwashed and deliberately used in bringing every alternate Captain Atoms for Monarch to kill and absorb their powers.[4]




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