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Batman worked with the other heroes of his universe to rid the world of crime and largely succeeded.

Bruce Wayne of Earth-51 shared the same history with his pre-Crisis Earth-One counterpart, only up until the death of Jason Todd that caused him, as Batman, to hunt down and kill the Joker. This event drove him towards targeting and eliminating super-villains, in which his strategic mind allowed him to succeed where so many other heroes had failed. Unaware of his actions, the other super-heroes reacted to the disappearance of their nemeses by revealing their secret identities and becoming more publicly accepted. However, in contrast to many heroes who decided to retire from crime fighting, Bruce continued his career as the Batman waging his aggressive war on crime and injustice.

When Monarch and his multi-dimensional forces invaded Earth-51 and slaughtered many of its heroes, Batman planned and prepared his covert battle against the invaders from his Bat-Bunker beneath Gotham City. Batman later rescued Jason Todd of the Challengers from Gorgon and took him back to his hideout where he threatened him at gunpoint about his identity. Eventually, Jason explained everything to him, and Batman confirmed his identity by checking his DNA. In a tense moment with Jason over his reluctance to aid him in the battle against Monarch, Batman agreed to fight with him and provided Jason with a costume that was chosen for his Jason Todd, dubbing New Earth Jason as Red Robin. The two heroes helped in saving a Monitor from Monarch's forces and were later reunited with the other Challengers. Later, Batman spotted an alternate Joker and aggressively attacked him, but was immediately killed by Ultraman in front of a heavily dismayed Red Robin. This causes Jason to attack an alternate-reality Joker who also took part in Batman's death.


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