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Mr. Wax is a duplicate of Bruce Wayne on Earth-Batman created to embody all his most positive and optimistic traits. He is the architect and leader of the Gotham Escapement, the last city on Earth.

On Earth-Batman, Professor Jonathan Crane was a doctor at Arkham Asylum who experimented on the inmates. One of them, a murderous drifter known only as Inmate 3141, was so insane that his madness overloaded Crane's machine and created a psychic virus that drove most of the world mad. The sheer weight of diseased minds literally broke reality, reducing the entire planet to a blasted wasteland populated by roving madmen known as the "sneertouched".

Bruce Wayne investigated the ruins of the Asylum and discovered the secrets of the inmates' twisted sciences. He saw a way to preserve some small pocket of civilisation and sanity by creating a great city-machine known as the Gotham Escapement, which would house and protect those unaffected by the virus while also generating a field which allowed the normal rules of physics to apply within its borders. However Wayne, who had been traumatised by seeing his parents killed as a child, knew that he was not suited to effectively build and run a utopia. Therefore, he created a perfect physical duplicate of himself, and split his personality and memories between them.

The duplicate was given Bruce's intelligence, charisma, hope and vision for a better future; while the original was left with his anger and pain. He named himself "Mr. Wax", as the name implied growth while the name "Wayne" had connotations of decline. Mr. Wax was able to rally the frightened people of Gotham to build the Escapement. When it was complete he became the leader of the last city on Earth, however he concealed his identity with a mask so he could have a life outside of his work. Mr Wax watched over Gotham and protected its people during the day. Meanwhile a brutal armoured vigilante calling himself "The Night" patrolled Gotham in darkness, murdering any criminals who threatened the citizens. Mr Wax was disgusted by The Night and his destructive ways, unaware that The Night was his other half.[1]


  • Although it is theoretically impossible to determine which of the two Bruce Waynes are the original, Mr Wax is clearly the duplicate as The Night was the one who escaped Earth-Batman with the Justice League.



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