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Bruce Wayne, as the Batman, fights crime alongside his sidekick, Robin.

When the Batman TV series became suddenly popular, Batman and Robin's workload increased, because of an increase in new super-villains and super-heroes inspired by the show (the Dynamic Duo had to save the new heroes from their own incompetence). One of these cases involved heroes Ratman (Jerry Lewis) and Rotten (Renfrew) and the villain Kangaroo (Witch Kraft). At the end of the case, Batman let the Kangaroo go, because she was only doing it to teach Ratman a lesson -- and because she had captured the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler for him![1]

Teenager Sylvester Worthington used his considerable connections to arrange a meeting with Batman where he lobbied to become the new Robin. Batman was unimpressed.[2]

Batman was among a group of superheroes who visited rock star Scooter to get his autograph.[3]

A malfunctioning match-making computer (sabotaged by Super-Hip) suggested that Batman and Nancy Ritz might be a romantic match. While Batman (and Robin) did travel to Benedict Arnold High School to meet Nancy (much to Robin's disgust), the relationship did not proceed further.[4]



  • Batmobile (which took him three years to get a bank loan) [1]



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