Quote1 I missed them. I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to be Bruce Wayne. I didn't want to be Green Lantern. Standing in front of a lantern ... but feeling submerged in shadow. Like I never left the cave under my mom and dad's house, with the darkness, and the bats. So I became ... Batman: The Dawnbreaker. Quote2
-- Batman: The Dawnbreaker src
Bruce Wayne, also known as the Batman of Earth -32, is the Dawnbreaker, one of Barbatos' Dark Knights.


Bruce Wayne was born to billionaire doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Kane. His version of reality was known as Earth -32 and was located within the Dark Multiverse, a mirror of the normal Multiverse where all the realities were destined to die. One evening when Bruce was a boy he and his parents were walking down an alleyway when they were set upon by a mugger named Joe Chill. During the confrontation Bruce's parents were shot and killed by Chill who subsequently fled the scene. At that moment Bruce was left as a void, as all emotions left him including fear. A nearby Green Lantern Ring eventually found Wayne and inducted him into the Green Lantern Corps. Bruce didn't think anything of the ring, all he recognized was a tool which could be used to kill his parent's murderer.[1]

He was able to quickly find Chill, however when he tried to kill the man the ring refused as it was against Corps mandate to kill a living being. Bruce did not care for the Corps and filled the ring with the void in his soul, overcharging the ring with his corrupt willpower. Eventually the ring became corrupted by Bruce's tainted soul and allowed Bruce to kill Chill. After killing Chill Bruce went back to his parents and tried to use the ring to resurrect them, however this didn't work as it was beyond the power of the ring with the ring temporarily reviving them as undead people. Bruce would then go on to be the protector of Gotham City known as Green Lantern, who executed criminals without mercy.[1]

Although the police of the city initially worked with Bruce, Gordon eventually pleaded with him to stop killing criminals such as Penguin. Bruce believed that no one should stand in the way of his mission to rid the universe of evil, and so executed Gordon and the entire G.C.P.D.. Shortly after executing the G.C.P.D., the Green Lantern Corps arrived to apprehend the rogue Lantern. However because of Bruce's overcharged ring and his connection to the darkness, he was able to defeat and execute the entire Corps and the Guardians of Universe.[1]

Tired of being a Lantern, Bruce decided to evolve into something greater. Stemming off of his greatest fear, Bats, Bruce supercharged himself with a mixture of darkness and green energy. With this power Bruce took on a new oath and became Batman: The Dawnbreaker.[1]

Dark Nights

As his world began to tear to pieces a voice from the void began speaking to him, identifying himself as The Bat Who Laughs a servant of Barbatos and offered a place beside the Red Death and the Murder Machine in the Dark Knights.[1] After traveling to the Earth that was destined to live with the other Dark Knights, The Dawnbreaker went to Coast City to subjugate its people. However he was intercepted by Hal Jordan who he tried to kill until he was whisked away by an unseen force, he then proceeded to envelop the city in Darkness.[1]

He then fought against Hal again and overwhelmed him, before Cyborg intervened.


  • Indomitable Will: Dawnbreaker's willpower is unmatched, being able to overpower and warp his ring only minutes after getting it, breaking it and allowing it to harness the void of darkness inside his being.



"With darkness black, I choke the light!
No brightest day escapes my sight!
I turn the dawn into midnight!
Beware my power... Dawnbreaker's Might!"

  • Dawnbreaker is based on the Bat-Lantern from Earth-32.
  • Dawnbreaker represents Batman's fear of how dangerous he would be with superpowers, but lacking his adult discipline. He also represents his inner despair taken to its extreme, and his regret over his inability move past his parent's deaths.



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