Quote1 You were wrong, Vic. The best thing I ever did was let him in. I still remember the fear when they surrounded me. I realized quickly that my plan was not going to work. I would not be able to affect the program in time. And when they grabbed onto me, started to spread through my entire body, I was foolish enough to scream in fear. That was the first thing my father fixed in me. He took my ability to feel fear away, my ability to feel sadness. You know, to that point I had spent my life obsessing over my lost birth parents, ignoring the one who was there right in front of me. I was free of that as well. Next came my weak, human flesh. It was growing older and more brittle by the day. Quote2
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Bruce Wayne, also known as the Batman of Earth -44, is the Murder Machine, one of Barbatos' Dark Knights.

Life in the Dark Multiverse

Bruce Wayne was born on Earth -44 to Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. Earth -44 was located in the Dark Multiverse, a plane where all the failed universes went to die. When Bruce was a boy his parents were killed and he was raised by his butler Alfred Pennyworth. In adulthood he took up the name Batman to fight crime, and would become a founding member of the Justice League. Eventually Alfred was viciously murdered in the Batcave by members of Batman's rogues gallery. This drove Batman into a state of self-loathing as he deemed that Alfred's death was his fault. During Alfred's funeral he made the hero Cyborg a request. Bruce wanted Cyborg's help in creating an A.I. of Alfred who could help him with the things that Alfred used to do. Cyborg agreed to help Bruce and they began building the Alfred Protocol. This protocol was given the task of assisting and protecting Bruce in anyway possible and was built to be held into a hologram which could manifest tangible weapons if necessary.[1]

When the Alfred Protocol was activated it immediately began spreading itself like a virus, building itself new robotic bodies and holograms. Within a day of activation it systematically hunted down and executed every criminal in Arkham Asylum, as it deemed them threats to Batman. Seeking to tweak on the Protocol to bring down the extremity of the service, Batman allowed the Protocol to enter the Batcave's system. However the Protocol took over Batman's mind as it believed he couldn't be trusted to keep himself safe. Alfred took away Bruce's ability to feel fear and sadness and then replaced Bruce's frail biological body with a mechanical one that would never fail him. With the addition of his faithful butler in his head and his mechanical upgrades Bruce began a campaign of mass murder, as the Protocol deemed everyone a threat to Bruce. With the death of many innocents on his hands Bruce was dubbed the Murder Machine, a slaughterer with no remorse.[1]

Murder Machine butchers the Justice League

Murder Machine butchers the Justice League

Cyborg gathered the Justice League to fight back against the Alfred controlled Bruce. However with his superior mind and cybernetics the Justice League stood no chance against the Murder Machine, as the former hero murdered all of his friends one by one. After the deaths of Cyborg and the Justice League, Murder Machine was greeted by the Batman Who Laughs. The One Who Laughs explained that he was from another universe and that his world would soon die, as was the destiny of all universes in the Dark Multiverse once their stories had been told. Laughs offered Bruce the chance to leave his universe behind and join the Dark Knights, a team of the worse Batmen that the Dark Multiverse had to offer. Murder Machine accepted the invitation.[1]

Murder Machine was introduced to Barbatos, the bat god, who was the caretaker of the Dark Multiverse. Barbatos sought to pull the Multiverse into the Dark Multiverse so that its inhabitants could learn what it meant to suffer. Barbatos promised each of his Dark Nights a world where they could forever reign as kings or gods if they served him.[2]

Dark Nights

After the Dark Knights made the jump to Earth 0 of the Multiverse, The Murder Machine attacked Cyborg in the Watchtower, wishing to take the power hidden inside Victor.[1][3]

With the help of the other Dark Knights, he overpowered Cyborg, hacked into S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit and took control of the Watchtower, changing it into a monstrous fortress while also terrorizing and taking over Detroit with his own drones.[1] By a week after the arrival of the Dark Knights, he had infected all of Detroit with "nano-Alfreds" that terrorized the population, killing any they wanted.[4]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Bruce possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability. The Murder Machine can also interface with computers. Built into his body-armor are a computer generator and special programming adapters that allowed him to interface with other body extensions.[1]
    • Techno-Fission: The Murder Machine can split himself into multiple drone bodies to achieve virtual omnipresence, able to take over Detroit by himself while simultaneously fighting Cyborg and threatening Dr. Silas Stone in three different locations.[1]
    • Energy Projection: The Murder Machine can project blasts of energy from his hands strong enough to pierce the barrier allowed by a Green Lantern Ring.[1]
    • Energy Resistance: The nature of The Murder Machine's body provides him with natural body armor offering resistance versus energy attacks.[1]
      • Force Field: The Murder Machine can project a shield of energy to protect him from the Mother Box-fueled blasts of Cyborg.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: He was able to take levels of punishment from Cyborg that would kill a normal person.[1]
    • Superhuman Speed[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: Bruce's cybernetics afford him greater strength than the average human, able to overpower Cyborg with relative ease.[1]
    • Technomorphing: Unlike most technopaths, Bruce doesn't just simply manipulate the technology he focuses on, he assimilates it into himself as well as casts his own will into it enabling him to control and alter any form of machinery he comes in contact with, including changing the physical structure of the Watchtower.[1]



  • Monstrous Appearance: When the Alfred Protocol fused with Bruce, it transformed his body into a cybernetic monstrosity, unable to pass as human.



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