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Bruce Wayne was Batman, one of the major heroes of Earth 2. He was killed in the invasion of Steppenwolf and survived by his daughter, Huntress.

Bruce Wayne was born in 1973 to Thomas and Martha Wayne. In 1979, a six-year-old Bruce watched as his parents were murdered in front of his eyes at the hands of a mugger named Joe Chill. Bruce was then raised by his family butler Alfred Pennyworth and spent years training in everything that would aid him in crime-fighting as a way to honor his parents' memory. Bruce spent two years training in martial arts under the League of Shadows. At age twenty-one, Bruce began waging war on criminals in Gotham City as the vigilante Batman.

In 1994, Batman discovered that Joe Chill and three hitmen who worked for Frankie Falcone had been murdered by someone with enhanced strength using their bare hands. In pursuit of the man who did this, Bruce discovered that his father, Thomas, had actually survived the mugging and had gone into hiding to keep his son safe. Bruce was greatly displeased to hear what his father had become, even using strength-enhancing drugs to commit the murders of Joe Chill and the hitmen, and from that point on, refused to let his father have any further contact with him or his family.

Prior to the Apokolips War, Bruce Wayne fought crime as Batman and eventually fell in love with former villain Selena Kyle who went by the alias Catwoman. The two got married and eventually had a daughter that they named Helena Wayne. Bruce originally did not want his daughter to become involved in his hero life believing it would endanger her, but ended up making her Robin when the Apokolips War began. During the war, Bruce lost his wife Selena at an unknown point in time.

When Steppenwolf brought the Parademons to Metropolis and across the world with boom tubes he wasted no time destroying Gotham City as well. On his last day, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman devised a plan to destroy the remaining towers erected by Steppenwolf. Batman died after giving his last words to his daughter as the virus he planted caused the tower he was in to explode.

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  • Bruce Wayne was born in 1973 and died in 2009.



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